Hardcore Hardware Australia – ASOT-02 Edged Tool


The ASOT or Australia Special Operations Tool is patterned after a Cimmerian Bronze Blade. Seen above is the ASOT-02, which is made from D2 Tool Steel, featuring a tanto-style blade with a blood groove. The ASOT comes with a kydex friction lock sheath, with both mollelok and teklok mounting. In addition to the knife, HHA is alsooffering an all-steel trainer in high-viz blue.



6 Responses to “Hardcore Hardware Australia – ASOT-02 Edged Tool”

  1. Ramon Cruz says:

    Where I can get this knifes and what’s the retail cost?

  2. Patrick says:

    This is Rad.
    I prefer the tanto!
    The SOCP style has been done to death, NEXT!

  3. David says:

    Pretty cool pic are there any dimensions and where to buy details?

  4. Geoff Ryan says:

    Saw the 02 in this series at SHOT earlier this year. That was Jan it’s now May where is it?

  5. Ryan O'Neil says:

    Saw the 02 model at Shot in Jan 16 it’s now May??????

  6. Mike Dillion says:

    I’d love to get my hands on the 02 model too! Did they set a solid release date at SHOT?? I remember hearing rumors Hardcore Hardware likes to bring new models both to SHOT and Blade show each year to get end user/buyer feedback. Blade is coming up in June. If that is true, May doesn’t seem that bad for a second show set in June
    Maybe this is done before they go into full swing for retail? Besides, check their website and the ASOT 02 isn’t listed yet. Looks like still a prtotoype?