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TNVC Offering Open Enrollment Night Fighter Course In Las Vegas

Night vision systems and associated auming devices have come way down in price as well as much easier to get ahold of. What’s not easy to access is the training on how to use it.

TNVC is conducting an Open Enrollment Nightfighter course at the Pro Gun Club in Las Vegas, NV June 3-4. Limited slots in this class.

NIGHT FIGHTER: Level 1 is designed to arm students with a solid understanding of the fundamentals of night vision operation and usage techniques. Beginning with gear choice and setup, the class provides students the tools for learning to safely / effectively move, shoot, and communicate in low-light / no-light environments. Students will participate in a variety of movement, stalking, and live-fire exercises aimed at producing a core competency with night vision goggles, lasers, and white light.

No NVGs? No problem! Plus, rental fee can be applied toward purchase of your own gear from TNVC.



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