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TNVC Celebrates the 10th Anniversary of Their Riser Stock Pouch (RSP)

Thursday, May 17th, 2018

Vic Di Cosola sent me a brief history behind the RSP.  

Approximately 10 years ago when I started to see more and more pics of our Brothers and Sisters getting re-issued scoped M14’s into Afghanistan (initially without those fancy Sage stocks) were basically using pillows and duct tape to get their cheek welds up, I knew there had to be a better way. The RSP was born!

As we celebrate the RSP’s 10th anniversary, demand of the RSP is still strong for the M1A lovers out there who need to get their head aligned a bit better with their optics. THANK YOU from all of us here at TNVC who have made the RSP the best solution for this weapon platform.

TNVC Releases Thermal Remote Battery and Cradle

Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

The TNVC Thermal Remote Battery (TRB) is an external rechargeable battery for thermal imagers and weapon sights.  Utilizing a 6700mAh battery, the TRB can provide over 13 hours of power to your thermal device.  This allows you to hunt all night without needing to replace expensive batteries.  At the end of the hunt, simply plug the battery into a USB power source to recharge and prep for night two!


The TRB comes with a form-fitting, slimline polymer cradle that attaches to standard M1913 Picatinny Rail.  The polymer cradle is milspec impact-resistant to protect the battery from field abuse.  It mounts offset to the rail, to keep the package slimmer to the weapon rail or scope.  The cradle features cutouts to display current battery charge, access to the power button, and an opening for the recharge cable port.  This allows you to keep the battery in the cradle while recharging (it can also be easily removed from the cradle for recharge, allowing you to keep the cradle secured to the weapon).


The TRB replaces the need to use disposable batteries or short-life internal rechargeable batteries in thermal systems.  Operation is simple: Charge the TRB battery until all four charge lights are lit, insert the battery into the cradle where it seats with the power-out cable (power-out cable is permanently affixed in cradle), plug power out cable into thermal device and press the power button on the battery.  The TRB can be attached to thermal devices with disposable batteries installed.  After the thermal device uses up the installed batteries, the user simply turns on the TRB to continue the hunt.


TNVC is including  free with every purchase of FLIR’s new PTS line.  Future cables are in the works for other thermal scopes.

Price: $95.99, available now on the TNVC web site.

TNVC Offering Open Enrollment Night Fighter Course In Las Vegas

Monday, April 18th, 2016

Night vision systems and associated auming devices have come way down in price as well as much easier to get ahold of. What’s not easy to access is the training on how to use it.

TNVC is conducting an Open Enrollment Nightfighter course at the Pro Gun Club in Las Vegas, NV June 3-4. Limited slots in this class.

NIGHT FIGHTER: Level 1 is designed to arm students with a solid understanding of the fundamentals of night vision operation and usage techniques. Beginning with gear choice and setup, the class provides students the tools for learning to safely / effectively move, shoot, and communicate in low-light / no-light environments. Students will participate in a variety of movement, stalking, and live-fire exercises aimed at producing a core competency with night vision goggles, lasers, and white light.

No NVGs? No problem! Plus, rental fee can be applied toward purchase of your own gear from TNVC.

SHOT Show – TNVC / Unity Tactical

Friday, January 23rd, 2015

the Programmable Switch is a new collaboration between Unity Tactical and TNVC. The dual pressure switch design can be configured independently for momentary or constant on. It will come with Steiner, Insight, SureFire, etc leads.


The next item is a GoPro mount for binocular NVGs that uses the Wilcox prism lens from the Helmet Mission Recording System.


Finally, Unity Tactical has introduced Atom slide for Gen 4 GLOCKS.


TNVC Promises Lots of New Gear at SHOT Show

Tuesday, January 13th, 2015


Stop by booth #6502 to see some incredible new TNVC products along with new gear from Unity Tactical, IR Defense, Ops Core, and many others! Also, don’t miss out some great dealer specials!

Chris Costa’s Out Of Town Bag

Saturday, September 27th, 2014


Chris Costa shared some photos of the bag he uses for times he finds himself more than an hour away from home, as well as its contents.


The bag itself is a Costa Ludus x MAP System by London Bridge Trading. The equipment come from the following sources:
Carbine – War Sport Industries, LLC
Pistol – Salient Arms International
Lights – SureFire, LLC
Holster – Raven Concealment Systems
IFAK – Dark Angel Medical, LLC
Survival Kit – Solkoa
Light Accessory Loop – Thyrm