Hard Point Equipment Announces The Completion Of Their Restructuring Process


Hard Point Equipment is pleased to announce the completion of their restructuring process. Due to the many increasingly difficult challenges associated with effective outsource manufacturing, Hard Point Equipment has at last put forth the effort and necessary capital investment to bring the majority of our production in-house now. This fundamental change means that in the future we will be able to more reliably supply our customers what they need, when they need it, and at a quality level that consistently upholds our ever-stringent standards.

In order to accommodate the added capabilities, however, our product line will be changing in some significant ways as well. The production focus will be shifted away from tactical nylon to high-end shooting enhancements and specialty cutlery, though we will continue producing a few of our core soft goods.

In addition to these, we will also be embarking on some exciting new joint ventures with several well-respected strategic partners.

The first of these is a new ultra-concealable, hard armor system, the “300,” made to our specifications by CATI Armor that utilizes our innovative, patented “carrier-free”, plate harness system. As thin as typical soft armor, but capable of defeating rifle-grade threats, this revolutionary product is likely to forever change the way body armor is worn by the covert operator.

We are exited for what the future holds and look forward to providing you even better products and service than we have in the past!


2 Responses to “Hard Point Equipment Announces The Completion Of Their Restructuring Process”

  1. Alex says:

    I would’ve opted for a different coating on the plates, that thing does not look comfortable whatsoever

  2. Dan says:

    You’re absolutely correct Alex. That looks as comfortable as laying in the bed of your truck and slamming on the brakes at high speed. However, what you see before you, is the concept made reality. It’s Hard Point and CATI’S prototype. The finished product will be different. I hope that helps asuage any concerns. If you have any other concerns please email us.