KRISS USA Is Now Selling SPHINX SDP Magazines


All SPHINX SDP Magazines are now in stock at the KRISS USA web store. The SPHINX SDP Magazines are downward compatible, meaning the 17 round capacity magazine will fit into the SDP Standard, Compact Duty, Compact, and Subcompact. The 17 round magazine fits flush with the bottom of the SDP Standard and Compact Duty, however it will protrude past the pistol grip on the Compact and Subcompact. Browse the SPHINX Magazine section and find the right magazines for your SPHINX SDP.


One Response to “KRISS USA Is Now Selling SPHINX SDP Magazines”

  1. Toby says:

    The Sphinx SDP is hands down the finest shooting mass produced pistol I have had the honor of using. We can argue custom built guns all day but I will say in my professional opinion this pistol surprised me at every turn. I am proud to not only own a SDP Compact but it has become my go to daily carry pistol. I encourage everyone to see for yourself the Swiss engineering that is Sphinx pistols.