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Grey Ghost Precision teams up with 7 other brands for the Come and Make It Giveaway

Friday, October 11th, 2019

Come and Make It Giveaway

Who doesn’t love a giveaway? Especially when its a top shelf company giving away something you’ll actually want to add to your kit. Well, what about 8 different companies all throwing down on a complete AR-15 builder’s kit? That’s precisely what Grey Ghost Precision has kicked off, with industry partners Radian Weapons, Ballistic Advantage, Defiance (Kriss USA), Timney Triggers, Aimpoint, and Reptilia. And you thought Avenger’s Endgame was the most ambitious crossover in history!

Let’s go over all the prizes in the package. One lucky winner will win: 

  • Grey Ghost Precision AR-15 Billet Receiver Set (FFL Transfer and Background Check required, all Federal and NFA rules apply)
  • Grey Ghost Precision 15″ AR-15 MLOK Handguard
  • Grey Ghost Precision 5.56 Muzzle Brake
  • Radian Raptor Charging Handle
  • Radian Talon Ambi Safety Selector
  • Ballistic Advantage 16″ Government Profile, Midlength Gas Barrel
  • Ballistic Advantage Low Profile 0.75″ Gas Block and Midlength Gas Tube
  • Defiance DS150 Adjustable Stock
  • Defiance Polymer Flip Up Iron Sights
  • Reptilia Corp AR-15/SR-25 CQG Pistol Grip
  • Reptilia Corp DOT Mount Lower 1/3 for Aimpoint T1-T2
  • Aimpoint Micro T2 Red Dot
  • Timney AR-15 Competition Trigger – Flat Trigger
  • Bolt Carrier Group, Receiver Extension Tube, Buffer and Buffer Spring, and other addition small parts provided by Grey Ghost Precision
  • Grey Ghost Gear Rifle Case
Grey Ghost Precision Come and Make It Giveaway

Grey Ghost Precision Come and Make It Giveaway

To enter, click here. For the giveaway rules / terms and conditions, click here. Obviously the winner must be 21 years of age or older, a US resident and be eligible to pass background checks and required Federal, State and Local laws in order to take possession of the prize(s). The drawing for the winner will take place on Oct 31st, with the official announcement on Nov 1st.

SHOT Show 17 – KRISS USA Defiance DMK22C

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017


Released under the Defiance brand, KRISS USA’s DMK22C is a dedicated .22 LR AR-15 pattern training rifle. To that end, the DMK22C can accept many MilSpec AR parts, such as collapsible stocks, pistol grips, and even AR-15 compatible trigger packs. Interestingly, the DMK22C features a patented barrel adapter, which allows for the installation of aftermarket Ruger 10/22 barrels. Also, the proprietary DMK22C magazine features a bolt-open mechanism to further cement its intended function as a training rifle.


KRISS USA – MagEx 25+ Extension Kit For Glock 21 Magazine Now In Stock

Monday, May 2nd, 2016


For those times when 13 rounds of 45 ACP just isn’t enough, KRISS is now offering their MagEx Extension Kit for G21 magazines through their webstore. A proprietary magazine extension developed by KRISS for use with the .45 ACP Vector SMG, the MagEx extension increases the standard 13-round capacity of the G21 mag by 12 rounds, for a total capacity of 25+1 for the G21 handgun. The extended capacity mags can also be used on the G30 series pistols, if you’re into that sort of thing.


KRISS USA Is Now Selling SPHINX SDP Magazines

Sunday, April 24th, 2016


All SPHINX SDP Magazines are now in stock at the KRISS USA web store. The SPHINX SDP Magazines are downward compatible, meaning the 17 round capacity magazine will fit into the SDP Standard, Compact Duty, Compact, and Subcompact. The 17 round magazine fits flush with the bottom of the SDP Standard and Compact Duty, however it will protrude past the pistol grip on the Compact and Subcompact. Browse the SPHINX Magazine section and find the right magazines for your SPHINX SDP.


KRISS USA Enters .22LR Market With DEFIANCE Brand

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

KRISS USA expands DEFIANCE brand with the DMK22 .22LR AR-15 training rifle.


January 19, 2016 – Chesapeake, Virginia, USA – KRISS USA, an innovative designer and manufacturer of small arms, introduces the DEFIANCE DMK22, a .22LR AR-15 intended for sport and recreational shooting. The DEFIANCE DMK22 is targeted for release in June 2016 with a suggested manufacturer starting retail price under $500.

Featuring a full metal construction, the DEFIANCE DMK22 has been designed to accommodate customization with a wide array of popular aftermarket barrels, magazines, parts and accessories. The DEFIANCE DMK22 line of rimfire rifles will feature various configurations and Cerakote finishes.

“The DEFIANCE DMK22 is intended to function and feel as close to a MILSPEC AR-15 as possible, which is why it features a full metal construction, functional bolt catch, and forward assist.” Says Tim Seargeant, Marketing Manager for KRISS USA. “The DMK22 is also upgradeable as it is compatible with AR-15 furniture as well as aftermarket barrels and magazines.”

The DMK22 marks the development of DEFIANCE into a multifaceted brand encompassing firearms, suppressors, and pistol night sights.

For more information about the DEFIANCE DMK22 visit KRISS USA’s website at www.kriss-usa.com.

Soldier Systems At The Range With KRISS USA

Friday, August 28th, 2015

KRISS USA recently opened a new manufacturing and distribution facility in Chesapeake, near Solider Systems HQ, which gave us the opportunity to try out a few weapons in the Vector and Sphinx line of firearms. After a visit to the facility, KRISS packed up the range guns and we all headed out to C2 Shooting Center to try them out on the steel plate range.


Sphinx Arms is a Swiss pistol manufacturer under the KRISS Group. They offer standard, compact, and subcompact pistols, all chambered for 9x19mm. Sphinx pistols are constructed using steel slides, and two-piece frames which consist of an upper and lower component. The upper components are manufactured from either aluminum or steel, and the lower components can be manufactured from aluminum, steel, or polymer, depending on the model of pistol.


The pistols feed from double stack magazines, with capacities of 17+1 for Standard, 15 + 1 for Compact, and 13 + 1 for Sub-compact models. Additional features shared throughout the various pistol models include ambidextrous decocking levers, reversible magazine catch, a visual/tactile loaded chamber indicator, front and rear slide serrations, and match grade trigger. Most models also support an interchangeable rubberized comfort grip system.


Here you can see a comparison between the standard iron sight, and a model equipped with a fiber optic front sight.

All of the pistols were very smooth firing, accurate, and comfortable to shoot. We favored the compact models the most, as their size made them very comfortable guns to hold, roughly equivalent in size to a Glock 19.


The Vector line of pistols, carbines, and SMGs utilize the KRISS Super V recoil Recoil Reduction System which redirects recoil energy downward, reducing muzzle climb up to 95% and felt recoil up to 60% when compared to traditional weapon designs. At the range, we had the chance to try out the CBR Enhanced, the SDP pistol variant, and the full-auto .45 ACP and upcoming 9mm SMGs.


The Vector series consists of an upper and lower frame, which can be separated by removing three assembly pins along the upper frame. This allows the user to quickly swap out lower frames, and will even allow for a quick caliber change between the .45 ACP and 9mm frames, when the later becomes available later this year.


This is the Vector CRB Enhanced. The CRB is the semi-automatic civilian carbine variant of the Vector, chambered for .45 ACP. It comes with an M4 stock adapter, a Magpul UBR stock, and the enhanced square barrel shroud.

The CRB in action. The recoil reductive action coupled with the pistol caliber makes for an easy to handle and accurate weapon.


Here is the SDP, the Vector pistol variant. It features a 5.5″ barrel and a rear QD sling point.

It can either be fired with both hands on the weapon, or with a single hand, although this is best done with a sling to support and stabilize the weapon.


Here’s the Vector SMG in .45 ACP. This particular model was outfitted with the M4 stock adapter, a Magpul UBR stock, a vertical foregrip, and a Defiance HPS 4GSK Cal .45ACP, a suppressor specially designed for the Vector family of weapons. The SMG variants of the Vector feature a selector switch which allows the operator to switch between semi, two-round burst, and full auto.


For the final gun of the day, we checked out the upcoming Vector SMG in 9mm. The one we fired was marked serial number 000001, no less, and don’t let the frame markings in the image above fool you, was indeed the 9mm variant. Like the .45 ACP model, the 9mm variant is designed to accept Glock magazines, with the 17-round Glock 17 magazine fitting flush with the chamber, although we also had a few 33-round G18 magazines as an analogue to the extended magazines used in the .45 ACP model. As expected of the lighter round, it featured a higher rate of fire than the .45 ACP model, and burned through even the extended magazines quite quickly, yet still remained quite controllable even in full auto.

After what was quite likely a couple of thousand rounds of ammunition spent, it’s quite fair to say that KRISS USA has a solid line of firearms on offer. The Sphinx pistols are solid, accurate sidearms, and the Vector line’s recoil mitigating technology makes them a joy to shoot. We offer our sincerest thanks to KRISS USA for allowing us the opportunity to try out their firearms on the range.

You can find out more on the Vector and Sphinx brands at:



KRISS Group To Release Licensed War Sport LVOA Rifles Through KRYTAC

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

If you’re wondering why we’re posting news about airsoft rifles on SSD, it’s because this presents a scenario where a gun company is preemptively licensing their designs for airsoft rather than let others copy them. It’s a smart move.


KRISS Group SA officially entered into a trademark licensing agreement with War Sport Industries, LLC to produce the LVOA rifles, in .22 LR and 6mm, through its training and recreational shooting products brand, KRYTAC.

October 7, 2014 – Nyon, Switzerland – KRISS Group has entered into a worldwide license agreement with War Sport Industries, LLC to manufacture and distribute .22 LR and electric airsoft LVOA rifles under KRISS Group’s KRYTAC brand.

The agreement between KRISS Group and War Sport Industries represents an important step forward for KRYTAC to produce affordable training solutions based on innovative firearm products. The LVOA’s advanced design compliments the KRYTAC rifle product line with its unique silhouette and reputation for excellence.

“War Sport Industries is very excited to be partnering with KRISS Group SA in the LVOAtm trademark licensing agreement for the KRYTACtm and .22 LR product lines. The partnership brings two very innovative and “out of the box” manufacturers together to offer both training and recreational shooting products known as KRYTAC,” said Joey Boswell, CEO of War Sport Industries, LLC.

The KRYTAC LVOA .22 LR is intended to become the affordable shooting alternative for the range day enthusiast and tactical trainer by replicating the form and function of the 5.56mm LVOA rifles. The KRYTAC LVOA AEG (Airsoft Electric Gun) will provide shooters with a low impact, non-lethal training solution and replicate many of the same features of the War Sport LVOA rifles. It will be powered by the KRYTAC Nautilus 8mm Reinforced Gearbox.

The KRYTAC LVOA .22 LR and AEG are targeted for 2015. Release dates and pricing will be announced at the 2015 Shot Show Exhibition in Las Vegas, USA.


KRISS USA At SHOT Show 2014 And Machine Gun Vegas

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

KRISS USA has released this video of their booth at SHOT Show 2014, exhibiting the latest in the Vector SMG, SPHINX pistol, and DEFIANCE suppressor lines. KRISS also held a private range event at Machine Gun Vegas, where participants were able to try out the Vector and SPHINX in the indoor range. Additionally, NRA commentator Natalie Foster and Gary Quesenberry of Top Shot were on hand to give their impressions of the Vector and SPHINX.