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Reliance Arms – Blaze Ops Edition Custom Glock

This is number 1 of 25 custom Blaze Ops Edition Custom Glocks by Reliance Arms. This one belongs to Pat McNamara, but you can get one of the other 24 when they go on sale this Friday.


Slide Cerakote color is a custom color mixed for Mac: “Banshee Green”
The Blaze-Ops Edition has custom milled triangular windows on the top of slide, in addition to the DUTY ELITE Slide Cuts and Bevels. One side of the slide sports the Blaze-Ops Logo and the other side of the slide is engraved with the series number (1 of 25, etc.)
Mac’s favorite sights: Dawson Precision Charger. It comes with Red Fiber installed, and ships with extra Fibers in red and green
Upgraded Striker and Firing Pin Safety Springs for enhanced Trigger Performance; Stock Parts hand polished and tuned.
Stainless Steel Guide Rod
Match Grade Fluted Barrel with RA Logo

Frame Cerakote color is another custom mix for Mac: “Emerald Guard.” The frame is then stippled for a classic two-tone effect
Agency Flat Face Trigger, with Trigger Safety in Mac’s “Emerald Guard” color for a distinct, custom look
Vickers Magazine Floor Plates, also in Mac’s “Emerald Guard”
Vickers Magazine Release, along with an Extended Slide Stop Lever, and Agency Arms Magwell are all Cerakoted in Mac’s “Banshee Green” to tie all of the greens of the gun together in a very balanced color combination
Upgraded Trigger Spring, Polished OEM Glock Trigger Bar, and Polished OEM Glock 3.5 lb connector finish off the enhanced Trigger Performance, with a respective pull weight of approximately 4 lbs

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3 Responses to “Reliance Arms – Blaze Ops Edition Custom Glock”

  1. Unimog says:

    Tacsac would be the only thing to make it cooler.

  2. PPGMD says:

    Oh look another Glock with over $1,000 of “upgrades.”

  3. Windows…cool, so you can see it Glocking.