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Prometheus Design Werx – Enhanced Dog Tag Tool With Strikeback


Dog Tag Sized Pocket Multi­Tool with Ferro Rod Striker

PDW’s popular dog tag sized pocket tool returns in a second variation with an expanded field craft capability and made in S35VN. This variation features their proprietary Strikeback™ tool function which is designed to strike ferrocerium rods to create a shower of sparks in fire making. This pocket tool is as versatile as it could be with the available real estate of a dog tag profile. This Dog Tag Tool variant features PDW’s proprietary “universal” wrench which fits both standard and metric hardware, a low profile bottle cap lifter, ¼” bit driver, battery bay driver, Strikeback™, crisp precise CNC mill work, jimping, and a durable multi­stage industrial finish. The PDW Enhanced Dog Tag Tool with Strikeback™ is a feature rich compact pocket tool for EDC and the field.

The Enhanced Dog Tag Tool with Strikeback™ uses the premium blade alloy of S35VN. It also includes a MILSPEC stainless steel ball chain so the tool can be worn around the neck. The key ring hole allows use with a split ring and attached to a key ring or lanyard. The Enhanced Dog Tag Tool with Strikeback™ will be an evergreen product for Prometheus Design Werx.


The Design and R&D Team at PDW states:

“When we set out to create and design our first pocket tool, we focused on a size and silhouette that most of us recognized in America, the US Military Dog Tag. Not only is this a familiar profile, but from a design perspective it already met some basic criteria for compactness (dimensions and size) relative to usability, i.e. ergonomics. We then proceeded to create the design and functional requirements of all that could be fit within these dimensions. We pursued a higher standard in manufacturing by precision milling this pocket tool instead of taking mass production shortcuts of stamping and heavy tumbling. Our outcome is far more refined, crisp, and precise. The addition of our proprietary Strikeback™ tool was a logical progression in the additional functionality for this
pocket tool. Our choice of S35VN was a decision of using one of the finest stainless blade alloys
currently available. Small, and discreet, this stands tall when it comes to function, features and is indispensable when you need it.”

The PDW Enhanced Dog Tag Tool with Strikeback will be available for purchase on Thursday, April 28, 2016 @ 1300 PST via their website, prometheusdesignwerx.com.


27 Responses to “Prometheus Design Werx – Enhanced Dog Tag Tool With Strikeback”

  1. Horshack says:

    totally groundbreaking in terms of dog tag survival solutions. me and my team were just talking about how few dog tag survival tools are on the market. very stylish, open beers, adjust some stuff, start fire, brilliant. i wish it came with a handcuff key and magnifying glass tho.

  2. GoldOper8tor says:

    Agreed, in a market flooded with the same old para cord survival bracelets EVERYONE is wearing, someone finally thinks outside of the box…and brings back something with some nostalgia…great idea!

  3. Horshack says:

    I don’t know what team you’re on, but nobody on my part time team operates low vis wearing para cord bro. If I was rocking a few of these doing recce ops, nobody would know I was deep cover or doing stakeouts. Great low vis option for guys that wanna have fire starting capability while operating low vis

  4. GoldOper8tor says:

    I won’t comment on what team I’m on for opsec reasons. I’ve been on multiple ops that have gone bad and the only thing that saved my ass were the contents of my bug out bag, which I will be adding this product to all 3 of my bug out bags by the way. I would be careful wearing this on low vis ops though Horshack, any good counter surveillance will pick you out of a crowd no problem, I’ve been told counter surveillance now trains to look for this kind of gear, I think you may be behind the times.

  5. Horshack says:

    bro, my team is definitely up on opsec and counter surveillance. Our TL is a former CI guy from Desert Storm. He says he wishes he’d have had these back when he was running cross border ops. His team had to E&E after their hum v hit a camel. They couldn’t start a fire or anything. We will definitely be rocking these soon

  6. GoldOper8tor says:

    Our TL spent time in the sandbox as well, as did our ATL so I’d say we know what we are doing and what we are talking about. Both guys were danger close to some gunfights that when went on for more then an hour. They both agree that it would be smarter to carry a credit card variant for recce work as it would not stand out immediately if you were to get compromised, which by the sounds of it, probably happens to Horshacks team more often then not.

  7. JW says:

    One of the more classic exchanges I’ve seen in awhile on SSD. Keep up the good work fella(s)!

    • Whiskey Bravo says:

      This is hilarious! I can’t wait to see if this continuous in the AM!

      • Airborne_fister says:

        I too will be popping the pop corn and pouring myself a drink. Anybody want a beer?

        • Kemp says:

          I can’t tell if these guys are serious or not with the meal team six stuff..

  8. 3W says:

    Yeah reading this just made my night. I actually texted this link to my buddies who also operate operationally, but for opsec I can’t disclose what airsoft course we play on.

  9. Horshack says:

    bro, I can assure you we got our sh!t wired tight for a part time team. One of the other guys on the teams cousin was in NSW in the late 80’s and he got us trained up on all of this stuff. We have a light on the AR that we share and one of my TL’s guns is a glock. When we roll low vis, usually my TL does all the recce because he’s 5′ 7″ and about 240lbs and nobody thinks he’s an operator. We’re allowed to double tap now too. I’ve only done 1 recce so far but I hope that I can bring this on my next op.

  10. AGL Bob says:


  11. Unimog says:

    Geko45 lives…

  12. GoldOper8tor says:

    Late 80’s?!? Like I said you are living in the past…many quiet professionals would agree glocks are SO overrated..we carry surplused Berretta 9mm, they all have been broken in through combat from the military before we got them….um if you want to brag about gear, we ALL have lights for our guns and multiple spare mags and our point guy has been running a laser.

  13. Horshack says:

    hey bro, sounds like you guys are far better outfitted than we are. All 4 of our operators wear the same boots and tac pants (we rock OD for tac work). Each operator carries a 5.56 mag because we never know which one is going to end up number 1 guy crashing the door. My ATL is trying to access more funds for the team but he’s got a bad leg and is on/off disability leave every few weeks. After we field new dog tag survival tools, we’re going to try and get each operator a torch. My TL’s glock has a 4lb trigger btw- totally not authorized but handy for UC ops

  14. Horshack says:

    I forgot to mention, we’ve got our own challenge coin for all the operators to carry. Pretty cool design with a falcon on it and stuff

  15. Airborne_fister says:

    Are these two guys serious? I carried a berreta m9 in Afghanistan. I also carried an m4 with a 320. Boom! Plus my unit is so tacticool that we only operate as true operators doing special gun fighter things. Can’t tell you anything else but my name should tell you what my job was. (Sarcasm inserted)

    • AGL Bob says:


      • Airborne_fister says:

        You know I was sarcastic right? I tried to use every word that an air soft player. Pardon me. I must be politically correct. Milsim would use.

        • Horshack says:

          hey bro, i don’t know why your getting bent outta shape. GoldOper8tor and I are having a spirited operator talk about survival tools that are essential in are line of work. We just disagree, especially in terms of low vis recce ops. I think this tool is right up my teams alley and we could use it, especially extended low vis UC work. Fire is a basic need and this answers the mail and is stylish and compact.

  16. GoldOper8tor says:

    You know what Horshack, just when I thought you and I were gonna have it out you make a comment like that…And totally redeem yourself! Don’t let the trolls or milsim’rs like airborne fister get to you, they will never be anything more than that…try and get yourself out to shot show sometime..you will meet more bad ass dudes than you woulda ever thought existed…they may seem hard to spot at first bc they are dressed like everyone else, just look for guys with beards and or tats…if you see a guy with something like “Malone Labe” tatted on them…talk to that guy! He prob has more experience then you or me combined…keep pushing your training, our team has prob gotten 85% of our tactics from videos you can find right online for free man! You ever make it out there hit me up, would love to have a few whiskey sours and talk tactics with you..Be safe out there brother

    • Horshack says:

      hey bro, your words mean so much. I come to this site to better my team and myself and to see cutting edge products like the dog tag survival tool (with fire starter) as an example. Rock on bro! Same team same fight!