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Hill People Gear – qui-Ya Backpack

The qui-Ya is Hill People Gear’s dedicated large volume multiday internal frame backpack. It is built on the same heavy duty chassis as the Ute backpack, but with a 28” frame and 29.5” overall height as well as a larger diameter bag. This yields an approximate ~5500 ci volume (conservatively). At a weight of 6.25lbs, the qui-Ya has a very favorable weight to volume / load capacity ratio.

The pack bag consists of a main compartment, 1.5” tall zippered top pocket, generous wand pockets, and a Velcro loop field on the underside of the zippered top lid. Materials include 1000d cordura on the suspension side and bottom, hypalon details, and 500d cordura for the rest. The chassis is dual 7000 series aluminum stays landed in the included Prairie Belt, HPG’s signature contoured shoulder harness, and an HDPE framesheet. The qui-Ya is made in the USA by FirstSpear out of US materials.

Just like its little brother the Ute, the qui-Ya can be expanded with a selection of optional back pockets depending on the user’s needs. The addition of a back pocket increases volume and organization, but it also turns the pack into a load hauler frame as the situation warrants. The HPG-original pulley compression system controls load very effectively and also allows the pack to be collapsed to nearly empty while still maintaining excellent load cohesion.

Retail price for the new pack is $450 and it will be available by mid-May directly from Hill People Gear. Color choices include – two tone ranger / khaki and two tone foliage / manatee. Email [email protected] if you would like to be notified when this pack is available. Please specify color choice.



10 Responses to “Hill People Gear – qui-Ya Backpack”

  1. Ken Galbraith says:

    Yet another example of backcountry awesomeness from my friends at HPG!! I must have one!

  2. Diddler says:

    Cool pack, though the kid in me hoped it would be pronounced “kee-Yah!” Sort of like a cartoonish martial artist might say.

  3. reverend says:

    Okay, you got me. On the notification list. Love that as a long range pack.

  4. Jake Moss says:

    What’s is that rifle and the extras?

  5. historia says:

    looks great, maybe its time to part with my kifaru zulu

  6. DI says:

    HPG keeps on building awesome kit!

  7. AbnMedOps says:

    I’m loving those vintage Sherpa snowshoes strapped to the pack! THE most high-speed, durable, and legendary snowshoes ever – sadly long out of business, in part due to the onslaught of cheap consumer-grade competition. However, there is hope – apparently a Canadian company called IRL Supplies is making a copy of the old Sherpas for the industrial market, but I have no personal experience with theirs.