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Kyle Raisbeck Joins Alias Training & Security Services

Alias Training is proud to announce Kyle Raisbeck as our newest instructor. Kyle will be teaching all our Medical courses from now on. Kyle has a tremendous amount of teaching experience and an impeccable resume. Already well known and highly regarded throughout the Special Operations community his experience and teaching ability will now be readily available for all our customers. We could not be more proud to add Kyle to our team.

Kyle’s Bio;

Kyle Raisbeck is a former operational member of the 75th Ranger Regiment and 1st Special Forces Regiment. He has served multiple combat tours including the forced entry parachute assault into Rio Hato Panama during Operation Just Cause and combat operations in Iraq during the surge with a specialized assault element. He is school trained as an airborne infantryman (Ranger) and Special Forces medic to include Paramedic and diving medical technician. His final assignment was as a marksmanship and tactics instructor at the Army Special Forces premier training facility for advanced skills in Ft Bragg.

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Thank you,

Alias Staff

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3 Responses to “Kyle Raisbeck Joins Alias Training & Security Services”

  1. SSD says:

    Congrats to Kyle and to Alias! I’ve been hoping to see this.

  2. Jon, OPT says:

    Awesome, I served with Kyle, he’s a highly competent medic and asset to anyone he works for. Congrats!