Mummert Knives – ULBK V2

This is the ULBK V2 from Mummert Knives. The double hollow ground dagger design is made from 6-4 Ti featuring a deeply carbonized edge.


5 Responses to “Mummert Knives – ULBK V2”

  1. Ti Fan says:

    If I understood their website, these are titanium with another material(s) used along the edge for hardness/sharpness and holding an edge: very cool. My only question is how much sharpening can an owner do? Realize this is the “center of a tootsie pop” question, but after “x” amount of use/sharpening, is one going to reach a point where it’s all titanium and cannot be sharpened? (apologize in advance if I misread the website info on “why Ti?”.

    • BlackBeard says:

      Looks to be a carbide edge, which is only applied to one side of the blade. You would only sharpen the side the carbide is not adhered to. The actual cutting edge is the carbide. To be completely honest it isn’t a great work edge. Titanium is simply not hard/Tough enough. This is a purpose built knife..The purpose is hand to hand combat-more specifically stabbing. The geometry of the blade will make this knife more than adequate for that. Bur a field, can opener knife this is not.

  2. Bill says:

    A more prosaic question: why paracord on a unitasker knife like a dagger? I don’t want something that will retain, uh, dagger juice and that isn’t easily cleaned. Fortunately, this wrap looks simple and easy to replace, but even after just field dressing critters I’ve wound up cobbling together easily removable liquid and goo resistant scales for all my previously cord-wrapped knives.

  3. Aaron says:

    Everything is sold out…but at least list the prices next time.