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Way Of The Gun Brings Manufacturing In-House

Frank Proctor tells us Way Of The Gun is bringing manufacturing in-house. They’ve got a CNC machine up and running and they are using it to produce some of their parts as well as custom slides for the GLOCK.

The first product they are producing is the new version of a light mount which Frank designed for the Streamlight Protac 1L. He raves about this little light for its size, cost, durability and function and his PLM V3 mount is a great combination. The Picatinny compatible mount also fits several other small light like the Surefire E series and Phenix. Keep your eyes peeled for a 1” light version of the mount, coming soon.

Frank also really likes the new 800 lumen TLR1 from Streamlight. Here, you can see it along with a sneak peek of the GLOCK slide.

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One Response to “Way Of The Gun Brings Manufacturing In-House”

  1. MidGasFan says:

    Congrats to Frank and the crew! I really enjoyed getting to train and have a couple meals with Frank about two years ago. He’s one of the most down to earth people I have ever met, regardless of profession. Training, shooting and creating unique products are truly a labor of love for him from what I could gather.

    His comp worked great and that light mount is rad! He preaches minimalism and the mount really does that.

    One other thing I really liked was he’s a guy who is constantly learning and admits that he does not know everything, unlike many so-called pros out there taking people’s hard-earned money.

    Awesome guy and super cool products. I am looking forward to training with Frank again in the future.