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Two Years Later, I’m Still Confused By This

37 Responses to “Two Years Later, I’m Still Confused By This”

  1. Tim Smith says:

    US Army 18D

    • babola says:

      You mean SF not US army…

      I could see how SF 18D Med Sgt would wear one of those for giggles and it would be accepted well in the SF circles, anywhere outside of the SF community would look ridiculous.

      • Blake Slamson says:

        To be fair, SF are part of the Army.

        • babola says:

          18D Medical Sargeant MOS Tim mentioned above is strictly part of SF.

          And yes, SF is part of the US Army…no need to stress that as a fact, but thanks for your contribution, nevertheless.

      • miclo18d says:


        Okay, everyone involved in making this shirt, line up for your mandatory DRE! Did I say one finger? Better make it two!

        • Brian says:

          “did I say one finger? Better make it two.” best line ever. Worked in the ER and had SOCM medics training and the medic told the male patient, “you gotta relax and let me in.” lololol.

      • Jeff Clement says:

        He’d wear it as a cutoff belly shirt to a halloween party with a pair of jorts, but that’s about it…

    • I’ve never seen any 18D, SARCs, or PJ use the Star of Life. Maybe for shits and giggles.

  2. D.B. says:

    You’re not the only one. It’s makers are too.

  3. I’ll take “Insecure in my masculinity and contributions to the mission” for $100, Alex.

    I don’t get this kind of moto shit at all; it just says “I can’t back up my assertions with actions.”

  4. Chris says:

    Perhaps for 18Ds, SEAL/Recon Corpsmen, PJs, etc?

  5. ZEKEDOGG3871 says:

    comic-con meets shot show….if only they’d used a confederate flag background instead of blue. it is very confused. poor shirt.

  6. Disco says:

    You know what….punisher skulls are gay.

  7. Dellis says:

    Well, what it says is…”I will kill you, then administer aide to heal you, then kill you all over again!”

  8. Jbgleason says:

    20 something me said “cool, I need that.” Retired me says “Damn, I was such an idiot.”

  9. Diddler says:

    The Punisher is the only mofo who can get away with that skull. Everyone else is a tool.

  10. jkifer says:

    I served as an abn 19D and have since ets’ing been an leo/tccc-emt… I see no purpose in this logo… definitely a WTF… but…. what it cost..?

  11. Todd says:

    I thought that was the symbol for the Dental Association

  12. Hubb says:

    Bedpan Commando!

  13. mark says:

    Medical malpractice is one of the leading causes of death in the US.

  14. Ex Coelis says:

    “Do Know Harm – Do No Harm” is what that T-shirt logo says to me…

    • MAJ S says:

      That’s funny. I am clearly hearing it say, ‘I’m a douchebag.’

  15. NineWays says:

    I’m pretty sure this was the original logo for the Affordable Care Act.

    • cimg says:

      this!! ha ha!

    • El Terryble' says:

      Funny, because, if you’re a natural born caucasian, English speaker without a meth or heroin habit, the Affordable Care Act is designed to kill you. Hence the skull and medical logo (forgot its name).

    • primuspilus says:

      Lol… This ^ +1

      Winner, Winner! Someone please get this man a chicken dinner.

    • Logan says:


  16. Jack says:

    SWAT Team medic is the only one I can think of that would make any sense. Aside from all the above mentioned groups it is a confirmed eyebrow raiser.

  17. 18Derp says:

    I’m going to patch you up so fucking hard your family is going to feel it.

  18. travis m. says:

    Get better or die tryin’