Congrats To Guy Cramer, CEO Of HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp

Wealth and Finance International magazine (with a global audience of 130,000 subscribers) just awarded Guy Cramer of Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp. “CEO of the Year in Canada for 2016”!

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56 Responses to “Congrats To Guy Cramer, CEO Of HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp”

  1. D.B. says:

    Well it appears self-proclaimed Crye-beating, boasting and chest thumping paid off in the end.

    I’m sure his camo is also very good, too.

  2. babola says:

    LOL…good one.

  3. hummingbird says:

    Congratulations Mr. Cramer! I have been following many of the Hyperstealth patterns over the years. I’m very impressed with how well the US4CES Transitional did with the military objective testing. If I remember correctly it beat all other competitors by a “large” margin. I believe the Mexican Marines now have the pattern and its exclusive! Congrats to them as well! Wish I could have had a set of that pattern!! I look forward to the next pattern they produce.

  4. Reno Raines says:

    Congratulations Mr. Kramer.
    Mexico was very lucky to be able to pick up the US4CES Transitional pattern for their Marines.
    Talking to many of the military personnel at Shot Show, the U.S. Military seems to have dropped the ball in not choosing that pattern.
    It is a shame that the competition was abruptly cancelled.
    I also see the haters coming out…….They must have missed their yoga class this morning. 😉

  5. Dairian says:

    Oh yeah that mag is legit. As legit as the posts made with nearly identical writing styles plugging your camo line. Sad.

  6. Matt says:

    Okay, please advise. I can never tell if this guy is a punch line or legit. One minute I think, “okay- US4ces looks pretty good”…followed by “he invented light bending material for quantum stealth??!!” Where’s this guy’s tin hat? So I can’t decide.

    Creative pattern designer or window licker?

  7. historia says:

    Yeah he may be a bit nuts but most of his stuff is better than UCP.
    But also OD or plain brown is better than UCP…

  8. Cool Arrow Kicker says:

    Coming soon, HyperStealth “Blue Steel”

  9. Paul says:

    Pfft, haters gonna hate. I don’t see anybody else here with a “CEO of the Year” award, anyone?


  10. hummingbird says:

    I’m just shacking my head here….I remember a world when we congratulated a person for their successes. This world of hiding behind a computer screen being trolls. I enjoy many of the articles that Solider systems puts out. The one thing I have noticed is… Why the hate for Hyperstealth…. People need to do your research before they type, you would be surprised what you might learn. Ya I know its on Hyperstealth`s web site but its a good start for many of you. http://www.hyperstealth.com/Mexico/index.html …..numbers do not lie

    • balais says:

      Because cramer is a woo meister, thats why. A peddler of chickencrap, snake oil, rabbits feet, etc

      One only needs to make a small trip into that website of his to find out.

      His mentality is the same disease that caused the military’s camouflage debacle, procurement woes, and this silly fixation on gucciflage while forgetting the skill set behind camouflage.

      He deserves every bit of jeers

      • Kemp says:

        Don’t feed the shills, man

      • Guy Cramer says:

        5,000,000+ military issued uniforms use Hyperstealth Camouflage.

        • Cool Arrow Kicker says:

          versus 38 countries using Multicam derivatives.

          Just saying

          (drops mic)

          • Hummingbird says:

            ya …. Great for multi cam… and mass marketing. How I see it is that Hyperstealth is working to make things better again! The U.S. Army tests proved that. Our history is all about making things better! Maybe that’s why he is CEO of the year.. You may not see it….but the people of power do! (Mic drop??? What is this…. a rap battle. Lol)

      • Hummingbird says:

        You are quite the key board warrior! But who are you? What are your credentials on camo development? Do you have a science education? I have looked over Mr. Cramer’s bio. What’s yours? It’s easy to hide behind a computer firing shots at somebody who is known in the industry. When it comes to camo…. It’s more than a fashion show, there is a science behind it.

        • Cool Arrow Kicker says:

          Hummingbird, I don’t know if your response was directed at me as it didn’t call out anyone in particular.

          However, if it was, allow me to retort for everyone’s entertainment at your and Guy Cramer’s expense.

          I understand that when one, such as myself, expresses truths so blunt you can smoke them, lesser beings feel threatened and resort to infantile name calling and assumptions.

          However, as a professional, I don’t need to flaunt my laurels or cite my in depth knowledge or experience regarding the DoD requirements, testing/validation, acquisition and fielding processes and/or polices.

          Regardless, your point is moot and smacks of an individual who lacks the basic reading comprehension of a 3rd grader and possibly a cohort of Mr. Cramer’s.

          I believe the basis of the angst and issue everyone has with Mr. Cramer in these comments is associated to the Camouflage Improvement effort, which he competed in, was evaluated, found lacking and consequently, not awarded.

          Even before an announcement was officially made, it was easy to determine that Mr. Cramer wasn’t selected as he began flooding the internet with the “science” behind his product proving it was indeed better than the other three finalists. It was almost like he was giving a dry run for a protest on the effort’s decision.

          Because of this incessant ranting on his part akin to a petulant child denied a bobble, he is viewed as a buffoon.

          And it is comical to even tout that the Mexican Marines selection of HyperStealth for their uniforms as a success.

          Tell me, what equivalent does the Mexican Military have to testing institutions such as NSRADEC, NAVSEA, or acquisition commands like, PEO Soldier, PEO-SOF, MARCORSYSCOM, SAF/AQ etc.? The answer is NONE.

          I won’t speculate on or denigrate the logic behind why those entities who have opted to use his patterns decided to, but I can assure you, there is no independent “science” behind it other than what was fed to them by Mr. Cramer. And even in the slight chance there was, it would be laughable compared to the evaluations conducted by the DoD which determined that it was not a viable candidate.

          Now, I’d be remiss to not say that I fully anticipate Mr. Cramer will post a response to this comment citing the disingenuous practices of the DoD acquisition process that resulted in his not being selected.

          I would however request that he attach the debrief he received outlining why he wasn’t selected. But lets be honest, if Mr. Cramer disclosed why he wasn’t selected, he’d probably never sell another piece of kit with his pattern on it.

          And that is the undeniable truth.

          • Stephen says:

            Cool Arrow Kicker you sound kind of lost as well…. So our kick ass institutions deserve a pat on the back for implementing UCP??? the same idiots that decided Cramer’s camo wasn’t good enough? Seriously though don’t gloat about our so called superior credentials when they could be called into question as well!!! Let’s not forget about the Scorpion camo now, the Army’s version of OCP, that must have been a smart move too huh, based on SCIENCE I hear!!

          • Guy Cramer says:

            The results of the Phase IV trial were never released and according to my conversation with the Chief Scientist at PEO Soldier, there was no winner that could be determined from the Phase IV subjective testing.

            Now you are correct that the Mexican Marines don’t have the institutions to test the camouflage properly so they turned to the U.S. Military Academy to conduct Objective Testing using the same test procedures that have been used by the USMA (approved of by NATICK and PEO Soldier) in prior U.S. Military camouflage testing. I was not involved in that testing.

            Once testing was completed and the USMA results were presented to the Admiralty of the Mexican Marines, the Admiralty asked me to provide a condensed version meant for the general public and the layman to understand how the pattern preformed. That release was approved by the Mexican Marines in this link: http://www.hyperstealth.com/Mexico/index.html

            • Cool Arrow Kicker says:

              Let’s address these in order.

              Did you see the testing for UCP and compare it to what was done for the Camouflage Inprovement effort? No of course you didn’t. I have and I can tell you the logic that drove the adoption of UCP was driven heavily on logistical streamlining. Pretty much the same reason why there are no Front and Back SAPI plates. After all, if you want something that does everything, it’s bound to do nothing well. And I’m not going to go into the whole Multicam vs. Scorpion debacle. That was a contractual decision between PEO and Crye. Please comeback with something of more substance should you wish to retort.

              Mr. Cramer,
              What you should clarify to the audience is that the Mexican Military asked the USMA to conduct the test because it was free, conducted by cadets whose TEST PLAN was what approved by NSRDEC.

              Now, here’s where you rely on your audience having poor recall and even poorer reading comprehension.

              You stated that:
              “…according to my conversation with the Chief Scientist at PEO Soldier, there was no winner that could be determined from the Phase IV subjective testing.”

              However, in the link you provided you contradict the aforementioned claim by stating:
              “after new objective testing proves it is nearly twice as effective over their current digital pattern and Multicam in three separate environments”

              So, essentially, what you are saying is that PEO’s Chief Scientist informed you that there was no way to determine a defecto winner in phase IV, a bunch of cadets at USMA conducting a pro bono test for the Mexicans were able to determine that it was twice as effective? Well stop the presses!

              At first I thought you were just a broken record of a used car salesman trying to peddle your wares, but now I’m actually beginning to think you actually believe your own BS.

              Why don’t you just release your debrief?

              It’s obvious you can’t help yourself. I would say: “Don’t go away mad, just go away” but, it’s already been said and well, here you are.

              • Guy Cramer says:

                Subjective testing that the Army did for phase IV is their picture in picture technique which doesn’t provide two key components in testing camouflage; where is it and what is it. The reason is that it’s always in the middle of the photo and it’s always a rectangle, whereas the objective test requires the observer to find it, then identify. Apples and oranges my friend.

                The objective testing was recommended to the Army for Phase IV but they ultimate went with the subjective testing. Thus your primarily testing colors blending which is why their results were similar for all the patterns.

                I will also point out that the simulated pattern at 40 yards in the subjective Picture in Picture technique is about 56 pixels high meaning all the camouflage patterns take on the same course pixelated look as US4CES, thus any advantage the pixelation that US4CES has in the real world is lost as all the patterns are now pixelated.

                • Cool Arrow Kicker says:

                  Mr. Cramer,
                  Shall we talk about your buisness relationship with certain individual who was a professor at West Point when these revelations in “objective testing” were discovered? Shall we also talk about said individual’s association to certain highly placed individual at PEO?

                  Maybe what really grinds your gears is that all the effort you put into lining up a “sure thing” was in the end, all for not.

                  Mr. Cramer, you have been weighed on the scales and found wanting.

                  Therefore, unless you’re going to post your debrief, my advice to you would be: “let it go, let it gooooo”.

                  After all, if you thought you actually had a case to support your claim, you would’ve protested the decision.

                  But then again, your handlers at ADS, Inc. know how to bow out gracefully.

                  • Guy Cramer says:

                    PEO Soldier contacted me regarding the light bending material. it had nothing to do with the Phase IV testing.

                    • Cool Arrow Kicker says:

                      You see Guy, can I call you Guy? Well, you see Guy, when you have a truth bomb like that dropped on you and your response is uncharacteristicly curt, it gives the appearance that you’re trying to deflect and conceal something you weren’t prepared to address.

                    • Cool Arrow Kicker says:

                      Especially when I said nothing about PEO contacting you.

                    • Guy Cramer says:

                      Can I call you Mike or do you prefer Michael. You keep talking about the debrief, are you referring to Phase IV because I never received one.

                    • Cool Arrow Kicker says:

                      Well, it appears that you did receive a debrief. Maybe not an official one per se, but by your own words:

                      “…according to my conversation with the Chief Scientist at PEO Soldier, there was no winner that could be determined from the Phase IV subjective testing.”

                      Now, some may say that by stating such, said “Chief Scientist” would be violating source selection sensitive policy by informing one competitor on the performance of other submissions.

                      But that’s none of my buisness

                    • Guy Cramer says:

                      Mr. D this was well after the cancelation of the program.

          • JBar says:

            1. To be fair, UCP was a product of our testing institutions. So, you cannot entirely rely on that factor.
            2. Politics & money: How do we know that Scorpion was not just adopted because of cost and legal factors? The motives were there.
            3. I do not think the results from the Camouflage Improvement Effort were released, were they? If I recall correctly, it was stated that there was no discernible difference between finalists.

            With all of these factors, how is anyone outside of the actual process going to be able to know the truth?

    • majrod says:

      h – +1

  11. balais says:

    And BTW, who the eff cares if the Mexican marines adopted his pattern? Is that supposed to validate it as being good?

    The abortion that is the UCP pattern is in service with a larger number of countries than US4CES, and that doesn’t make it good at all.

    • Guy Cramer says:

      Objective Testing shows it is nearly twice as effective as Multicam in 3 separate Mexican environments.

      Marina Trans Jungle (US4CES Transitional) Versus Multicam

      In the second comparison (Marina Trans Jungle and Multicam), which was conducted in the United States, there were twenty volunteer Observers; all were current or former members of the United States armed forces with visual acuity of 20/20 Snellen and normal color vision.

      Similar results were obtained. On average the viewer took 4.190 seconds to find the Multicam Pattern in the Coahuila location and 10.978 seconds to find the Marina Trans Jungle pattern in the same location.

      This data below indicates that to detect the Marina Trans Jungle pattern takes almost twice as long to detect over Multicam in lowland forest (Michoacán), lowland scrub desert (Sinaloa) and over twice as long in riparian forest (Coahuila).

      These Trials also resulted in large numbers of nondetects as seen below. 4% of the viewers could not find the Multicam Pattern in the Coahuila location within 15 seconds whereas 27.5% of the viewers could not find the Marina Trans Jungle pattern in the same location.

      The data below shows that the Marina Trans Jungle pattern was 2.6 times better at not being detected within 15 seconds over Multicam in lowland forest (Michoacán), 2.3 times better in lowland scrub desert (Sinaloa) and 6.8 times better in riparian forest (Coahuila).

      • balais says:

        yeah mmmhmmm.

        Very objective testing.

        Kind of like the objective testing that goes into your negative ion generator or your predator-esque reflective camouflage?

  12. Hummingbird says:

    Help me out here Balais because I fail to see what you are expressing. I have read much if not all of Mr Cramer’s Intel, as it is long and dry at times…however he is right! Perhaps you should read further! This disease you speak…. Well that’s politics and people in power being self serving. Sad as it is, it is us at the bottom who suffer. Why we do not support the people in the know and start holding the powers hands to the flame is beyond me!!
    I ask you Balais…. Have you worked with HyperStealth direct? You seam to have an axe to grind???

    • balais says:

      So I must not have an opinion, is that your point? Do you work for hyperstealth? because your defense of Cramer is rather harrowing and amusing.

      “because I fail to see what you are expressing”

      Well gee, if you haven’t figured out what I’m expressing yet, I doubt you will with a bit more explanation.

      Go piss up a rope. Or better yet, go bury your beak inside a cup of sugar water.

  13. JBar says:


  14. Hummingbird says:

    It’s all becoming clear now….having looked back at past articles. I’d say Balais and Cool arrow are the competition and business sale associates doing everything to discredit another company in a public forum behind the safety of thier computers and Alias names ….. So unprofessional! So I was right. This is driven by hate and fear. Good for you Mr Cramer for coming forth (With your real name I may add). Much respect to you and your company! Congratulations and good luck on your future endeavours.

    • Cool Arrow Kicker says:

      Do yourself a favor, forgoe any aspirations you may have to pursue a career in fortune telling or detective work and stick to your day job.

      Seriously? Competition?

      You heard it from Guy himself: “5,000,000+ imilitary issued uniforms use Hyperstealth Camouflage”

      Let me break out the sock puppets for you. That quantity is eclipsed three fold by the numbers procured by SOCOM and the quantities issued to those deployed to Afghanistan.

      “Competition”? Guy Cramer isn’t even on the radar.

      Honestly, if it weren’t for these roasts inspired by his rants, NO ONE would know who he is.

  15. Reno Raines says:

    Seems we have a couple internet tough guys who like to attack and be-little others from behind the anonymous safety of their computer screens.

    If you are going to call people out and slag them, have the intestinal fortitude to identify yourself and who you work for.

    If you are not prepared to come forward then you are nothing but cowardly internet blowhards who are full of themselves.

    Key rule of the internet: Don’t Feed The Trolls. Over and Out!!

  16. D.B. says:

    You did this on purpose Eric, didn’t you?

    You knew full well what was coming…

    • SSD says:


      • D.B. says:

        Hmm, OK.

        I thought previous posts and sentiments towards Cramer/Hyperstealth here on SSD provided enough clue.

        Never mind, ignore me.

        • Guy Cramer says:

          Much of the polarization of those posts came about because of my six part series of papers regarding the Phase IV camouflage improvement program http://www.hyperstealth.com/PhaseIV/index.html

          No one from the U.S. Army has criticized me about any of the information in any of the six papers.

          I know from your previous posts on SSD on other stories related to Crye that you are a big fan of Multicam, and everyone is welcome to support their favorite.