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Warrior West – Beyond A8 Half Jacket

The A8 Half Jacket is designed to provide additional insulation for the arms and upper torso while still allowing access to chest and back mounted equipment. Insulated with Polartec Alpha, the shell is a 70D Ripstop nylon. It is easily donned and doffed thanks to the front zipper and adjusted via underarm shock cords and barrel locks.



10 Responses to “Warrior West – Beyond A8 Half Jacket”

  1. BillC says:

    I see auto-correct is killing it lately.

  2. Ben says:

    I’ve seen this product before. Same name even…..almost

  3. mallninja says:


  4. Luke says:

    This has been on my list of things to try since I saw the Crye version, makes a ton of sense to me. My plan is just to chop a PCU level 7 off under the armpits before next hunting season.

  5. Given that cordura is generally pretty waterproof (armour carriers and pouches) I’ve wanted to see a gore-tex equivalent ever since the Crye version hit the market. Might just be me that fancies the idea, but that would be massively easier to don than either a fitted jacket that requires removal of armour or an over-sized poncho type arrangement. I’ve certainly had times when such an item would’ve been very handy.

  6. Riceball says:

    Interesting item, at first I thought it was some kind of joke but then I read the description and it makes sense, even if it’s still weird looking. If they made these in a non-tactical color I could easily see some rap artist wearing one of these and all of the kids who have follow what their favorite celebs do like sheep end up wearing them too. I can just imagine all the kids at the mall with the inseams of their pants hanging halfway down to their knees while wearing these half jackets in 80+ weather.

  7. Lasse says:

    I don’t see a reason for this.. I will never be active and cold, I will be static and cold. Therefore, an oversized jacket to throw on top of all my gear is what I want.
    As a rain layer I am into it.

  8. Dellis says:

    This is like seeing a doughnut and askin what do they do with the hole portion?

    So what happens to the bottom section of this jacket and are they for sale?