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Warrior Expo – MATBOCK / Strike Force

Strike Force, the liquid energy elixir, has introduced a subscription service. It’s pretty cool. You can choose how often you want another 10 pack shipped to you.

Add one pack to a standard 1/2 liter water bottle (or 16 oz glass) to turn your water into a full power energy drink.

Each flavor pack is a liquid that is sugar / calorie free, but adds an explosion of energy and flavor to any beverage. There’s no mixing, stirring or shaking, and the flavor will never settle to the bottom like crystals or syrup.

Enter code SSD20 for a 20% discount off of the subscription service as well as regular orders.


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One Response to “Warrior Expo – MATBOCK / Strike Force”

  1. mike says:

    I thought I was going to be disappointed in the reduced sour of the reformulated mixture, but it’s a great flavor that’s easy to mix and I was very pleasantly surprised at how it turned out. More importantly it has the same amount of caffeine. I was able to drink one and hit the trail without the burps I’d get from an energy drink and it’s nice to be able to mix one when I want and not worry about the drink getting shaken up or bursting under pressure in a pack.