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Warrior West – Vertx Recon Uniform Sneak Peek

This is a sneak peek at the upcoming Recon Uniform from Vertx. It was developed for a DHS element and should be available in a few months.

Below, you can see the Recon pant paired with their 37.5 combat shirt.


17 Responses to “Warrior West – Vertx Recon Uniform Sneak Peek”

  1. BS says:

    Typo. Should be Vertx.

    And URL: http://vertx.com/

    • Alex says:

      ACTUALLY, there URl used to be wearvertx.com, they only recently have also purchased vertx.com

  2. Luke says:

    I might be alone here, but I’m not the biggest fan of the Crye style pants pockets, hope Vertx didn’t deviate too much from their standard arrangement.

    • Alex says:

      Not a lot of people like them. The handpockets are too tight and the front thigh pockets are too small (short) for almost anything useful

      I’m sure DHS went with it because it’s what’s popular

      • Dan says:

        Not a lot of people? I think the Crye style upper thigh pocket is the greatest pocket addition to combat pants in recent years. It is a great fit for a notebook, camera or phone in a ready access spot. In addition it keeps it close to the body so it doesn’t flop around like it would at the bottom of a cargo pocket. Also when I’m wearing my belt I can’t get my hands in the side pockets due the my holster being in the way, these thigh pockets solve this perfectly. Also for vehicle mounted seating positions you can’t easily get into a cargo or side pocket either, the thigh pocket is once again accessible.

        I love my Vertx pants, they are one of the only pants made for a dude with small waist and bigger thighs. In the age of the whimpy cut for the ‘new age man’, a leg cut like the vertx is very welcome.

        The only issue I had with my current vertx pants is the abscence of the thigh pocket, lools like that is no longer a problem!

        • babola says:

          Same here. Those front thigh and lower calf pockets are a God send. They aren’t designed to be high capacity pockets but allow carying and stowing away those small bits and pieces you need on the fly and more freequently in pretty much any position, sitting, laying, squatting etc.

          And not to forget those Crye G3 pants’ utility pockets are now second generation following the ones that appeared on the AC pants and were redesigned after a lot of feedback from the members of the SF community.

          Btw, the Vertx pockets shown above seem to be of the Crye AC type, not the latest G3.

      • D.B. says:

        On the contrary, though.

        Not sure where did you get the ‘not a lot of people like them’ from. All of my guys wear the G3 sets now or closest derivatives. And they all welcome the extra capacity and utility for smaller and frequently used items.

        There’s a good reason pretty much all the leading modern combat uniform makers copied Crye’s utility pocket design, Patagonia, Beyond, Platatac to name just the few. Then you have the actual international militaries and armies using the very same design, like Australian, New Zealand and many European.

        The main cargo pockets you speak of are also a result of feedback from the guys in the field on previous designs Crye came up with, R6, AC (G2) and now G3. For me personally they are just right size, position (higher on the thigh), angle and capacity.

      • JKifer says:

        I highly doubt its “whats popular”.. probable more like the SOG units are forced to purchase through a certain shitty uniform contracting service. One that amazingly provided Vertx until only very recently.

  3. Jeff S says:


  4. elliot says:

    I hope they start putting buttons instead of velcro on their shoulder pockets.

    • Dan says:

      I’d prefer a zip on the front edge personally, I always find doing up the back button a pain. But I do agree with you that velcro closure on shoulder pockets is not optimal..

    • D.B. says:

      Yes. Zippers and buttons, where ever possible and applicable. Velcro has it’s place, but I’d prefer well sewn, cross stitched buttons and YKK zippers over Velcro on pretty much anything found on a uniform.

      Taped, ‘Canadian’ style buttons like the ones found on NWU II and III uniforms also get my vote, though.

  5. Brendan says:

    For the love of god I wish someone would get rid of the army’s new OCP admin/tanker/Leg uniform. It is sooooooooo uncomfortable!!!

  6. Cuvie says:

    The Recon Shirt kinda reminds me of a RAID BDU