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Could It Be? A Commercial HK MP5K?

As you may recall, during IWA I showed you the new civilian legal MP5 variants referred to as SP5 which H&K released to German civilians (anyone remember the SP89?). 

Word I got was that it was going to happen here in the US at NRA Annual Meeting as well. Let’s cross our fingers.


23 Responses to “Could It Be? A Commercial HK MP5K?”

  1. txJM says:

    Looks awesome. Not $2,700 awesome, but still…

    • Jeff S says:

      🙁 Too rich for my blood… CZ Scorpion + Stamp + 922r kit for me.

  2. Scott says:

    They seem to have deleted the flapper portion of the magazine release.

  3. Sol says:

    What Scott said. Where is the paddle mag release?

  4. BuckPiss says:

    if it is released for full power 10mm, then I will pay that price.

  5. jrexilius says:


  6. Chris says:

    Cool to see this coming to market, but its too bad theres no paddle mag release, especially for the price. It would have also been nice to see the functional front pushpin arrangement that The MKE guns come with. Im also curious if the barrel is flush, 3 lug, or 3 lug + threaded (navy). After paddle release install, clipped and pinned lower, replacement diopter sight, form1, vfg handgrip, and folding stock this thing will be pushing $3500, maybe more. I suppose its still a bargain compared to buying a preban sp89 and doing all the work..

    • JSGlock34 says:

      My understanding is that the old SP89 barrel is under the barrel cover. No 3-lug.

  7. CWG says:

    I hope this make some shooters happy, but I find myself at the point where I am so consistently disappointed with HK non pistols missing the mark that I can’t even get excited about their pistols either. I have to wonder where their confusion is, and if its some sort of vicious circle i.e. bad marketing guy convinces cop orate to deliver something slightly different than shooters/collectors were begging for 5 to 15 years ago, at a sky high price point that goes up if you want to turn it into what it should have been. The items don’t sell well, and bad marketing guy says that the American gun market is dumb and doesn’t bother trying again for another five years?

  8. EMPeeFive says:

    It’s definitely coming to market. It’s only been taking so long because of the ATF/Importation Process. Announcement to be made at NRA Show.

    First batch is incredibly small(I’ve heard roughly 150~, although this has been mixed), with most going to HK Premium Direct Dealers(each should be getting at least one, if not a few more), and a few being allocated to Distributors.

    Expect these to fetch higher than MSRP(already know a few people who’ve paid more for a preorder on one), and to move quickly, with the second batch to take awhile.

    The success of this will definitely impact how much they pursue these avenues. Hopefully we will see more of the IWA goodies coming next year.

    • SSD says:

      I sure hope we see more. I had heard that this was supposed to happen for SHOT but zee Germans weren’t moving as quickly as they would have liked. I was reticent to say that it was a sure thing for NRA until I actually saw them in the booth.

      Unfortunately, I understand that the 416A5 upgrades for civilian guns are still years off for us Americans even though they are now available commercially in Germany.

      • EMPeeFive says:

        I’m not sure how substantiated the rumor is, but I heard they’ve actually been completed, it is just getting them into the country in any reasonable amount of time which was the hold up, which doesn’t surprise me considering the hold up they had with VP9s late last year/early this year.

        Got the call from our factory direct rep earlier this week confirming allocations, and letting us know we got a few on the way, as well as that they were going to be introduced at NRA. Now the next part I’ve had mixed info on, but they will more than likely be shipping out in August/September, although I’ve also heard a few other people told as early as a few weeks from now.

        I’m optimistic on the A5 goodness. Playing with the A5 at shot made our lowly 416D feel clunky and ugly. Having the new magwell and two stage gas systems would definitely make a huge difference(and the RAL8000 would be awesome). For now I will just have to dream.

        User manual for the SP5K(as well as the HK243 and MR223 A3(civi A5) for anyone interested.

  9. b_a says:

    Not legal for sports shooters in Germany.
    And at the moment hunters got some serious troubles too, because a court ruled that any semi-autos that accept magazines with more than two rounds are illegal for hunting too.

    German weapons laws are a pain in the ass.

    At the moment I try to figure out how to get a AR-15 from a US-manufacturer and it might be way to exhaustive and pricey, because of all the German regulatons.

  10. James says:

    Just want an MP7, you know for squirrels and such! SERIOUSLY PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

    • P.J. says:

      Not gonna happen. They’re far to dangerous to be in civilian hands.

  11. Mike says:

    Sbr’d MPX with suppressor or this for $2700? MPX all day long.

  12. fritz bousigschouer says:

    if hk germany can offer that in usa then one of the lizense companys do that too and for less than half the price. i still laugh, mrsp for a 30 rnd mag 80 us $ each, in germany we say they have a sockenschuss.

  13. Chuck says:

    Yay! Now civilians will know what it’s like to see one of these worthless things sitting in the back of their gun safe like we’ve been doing for decades in our arms rooms. Just buy a glock and a thirty round mag, it’s more accurate. Also that will only run you about $600 total.

  14. SurfGW says:

    MP5s have terrible triggers, stiff safeties, are Ammo sensitive and cost a lot. Don’t see what advantage it had over a better and cheaper SIG MPX.

  15. No butt stock?

    A very expensive range toy.

    ’nuff said.