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Frank Proctor on Slide Manipulation

Special Forces Veteran and competitive shooter Frank Proctor talks slide manipulation in the video.


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5 Responses to “Frank Proctor on Slide Manipulation”

  1. majrod says:

    Great Stuff!

  2. DI says:

    I respect Mr. Proctor, but that slide manipulation is for gamers.
    You should never place your hand In Front of the ejection port or catch the round being ejected, especially on a Glock where the ejector can strike the primer on a live round and cause serious injury. Just because it looks cool, doesn’t make it correct. I can see a bunch of idiots trying this technique in the future at their local range…

  3. Paste says:

    I watched him do it for two days without any problem. I gave it a whirl, it wasn’t for me, too much risk and not enough reward. Trying to make it work with smaller guns, like a 26, further exacerbated the risk/reward. I chose to stick with nearly 20 years of procedural memory and continue using one method that works for me on all platforms. It was a fun and interesting class though, no regrets.

  4. Burdy says:

    Maybe its just because I am a weak little girl, ok, I am not a girl, but this method proves impossible for me on a stock M&P Shield. And after years of jiu-jitsu I consider my grip above average….
    He sure does make it look ridiculously easy.

  5. Ranger Rick says:

    Finally a use for frontal slide serrations. Frank is obviously putting thought into his techniques, economy of motion should always be strived for. I’ll try this technique.