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The Heckler & Koch VP9 FDE

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Hot on the heels of the SP5K, H&K has also revealed the addition of FDE frames for the VP9 and VP40.

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24 Responses to “The Heckler & Koch VP9 FDE”

  1. SoloDallas says:

    Ouch. HOT.

  2. AlexC says:

    What do you think the chances are of a VP45?

  3. Dellis says:

    Anyone familiar shooting this and the Walther care to comment on the magazine release method?

    Any accidental releases while shooting? Do you learn this method of release quickly or do you still resort to a thumb push every so often?

    I can get a new one for just over $500 cash but the mag release has me questioning.

    • Ryan says:

      You will most likely grow to prefer it over the button releases. No accidental magazine drops. Just remember to use your trigger finger or middle finger to actuate the lever. People who insist on using their thumb typically end up hating the paddle mag releases.

    • James in AZ says:

      It’s definitely workable, but I’d stay away from it.

      Advantage: there’s almost no way you can drop the mag accidentally with your middle finger under it. And you can get kydex holsters that do the same, giving you extra peace of mind during carrying.

      Disadvantage: slow, just painfully slow compared to the thumb button. And, depending on your hand size, the fact that the middle finger is tightly snugging against it means you have to shift your grip to drop the mag. Set up a doublefeed and try ripping the mag this way and see. One more way to fumble under stress, and one more way to get an inconsistent grip if you intend on competition. The wide paddles and the wide trigger guard purported to protect the paddles force you to get a lower grip, too. And btw see how MAC broke it on youtube, albeit kinda unrealistic.

      My VP9 is a keeper but I still only trust glocks for serious purposes. Just do a grip reduction and stick some skateboard tape, hard to beat.

      • Dellis says:

        Thanks guys, appreciate the replies.

        Honestly I have never had an accidental mag release, now I have had a few failure to seat mag properly but that’s due to hands trying to operate faster than my brain.

        I have an extended mag release on my CZ, Glock, M&P and so far no issues but this H&K release seems so foreign not sure I’ll like it. I need to get my hands on one and and try it out, it’s getting such great reviews!

      • t1tan says:

        Slow? Bullshit. The HK release is way faster. Use your trigger finger, not the middle.

        MACs “test”? Kinda unrealistic? What a fucking joke. Who is whipping their gun at metal plates in regular use, HK or otherwise?

        • James in AZ says:

          Butthurt HK fanboys: irrational, incapable, and not even possessing basic humanly courtesy.

          Using the trigger finger is faster? Use your brain. How exactly are you using the trigger finger alone when the middle finger is choking the paddle to death? Or are you saying shifting the whole grip is faster and more secure than a tap with the thumb on a thumb button? Or are you not even gripping high enough that your middle finger is actually outta the way?

          Who needs a durable gun during daily life anyway?

          • t1tan says:

            Love that calling people out on stupid shit automatically makes somebody a fanboy. Good argument.

      • Jeremy says:

        My reload times when I shot competitively in USPSA (A-Class) between my HK P30L and Glock 34 were the same. I call shenanigans on your slow claim.

        • James in AZ says:


          I call shenanigans on your ability to reload fast enough to tell the difference

          • I’ve never seen you shoot James in AZ but I’ll bet you $100 I can reload my VP9 faster than you can reload any other pistol by using my trigger finger to drop the mag via the mag release – Hell I’ll do you he better; come to a class and if you beat me you don’t have to pay for the class; if I beat you then you do. Deal ?

          • Jeremy says:

            Do you think Larry Vickers can reload fast enough to tell the difference? Or do you plan on calling him out too?

            • Jester says:

              And suddenly James in AZ is in the hot seat. Anyone taking odds on his reappearance in this discussion?

              • James in AZ says:

                Hell yeah am I in a hot seat.

                I’d never say anything to make a decorated veteran who wrote an “up to my life” cheque to this country look bad, whether I like him or not, believe him or not, or think him right or not.

                I won’t elaborate on my conjecture as to why he defends HK, or how likely or unlikely he and everyone on this board think I’d actually go to a class, prove my identity, take the bet, and make a big deal in public just because of a forum war, even if I were Max Michel or Travis Haley.

                So he wins hands down, and HKs are the best guns ever.

      • Agent_Orange says:

        I’ve been shooting HK pistols for nearly a decade now – before that Glocks and Sigs. Once you train and learn the HK magazine release, it’s just as fast, if not faster, than the thumb button design. People who think it is slow either spend little time behind the platform actually attempting to learn how to drop the magazine properly or are speaking out of ignorance.

    • tm says:

      I’m replying based on familiarity with the VP9 and H&K’s P7M8, which I both own. I have not had any accidental releases with either. Observations:

      The VP9 and P7 have similar mag release levers. The VP9’s seems much more low-profile to me, which makes it harder to use the middle finger of the firing hand release method that’s easiest on the P7. Thumb or firing hand trigger finger are easier, again based on personal preference. Also, adjusting grip panels (it comes with side and rear grip sets, each with three sizes), may affect how easy it is to reach the ambi release lever.

      The greatest issue in my opinion with the VP9’s mag release is the learning/muscle memory factor coming from traditional mag release mechanisms.

    • LCSO264 says:

      vastly superior to the thumb button release, once you learn to use it. As mentioned, you simply curl your trigger finger back to release the mag. You don’t have to adjust out of your firing grip to reach the thumb button, like some with small hands have to do (particularly on larger framed handguns). much faster and more efficient, once you learn to use it properly.

      As for accidental mag drops, I’ve not known this to be a problem.

  4. kit crazy says:

    So it costs $100 more to get one in Dark Earth. That is sad as hell.

    • EmmPeeFive says:

      You’ll notice that’s actually the MSRP for the LE Version, which includes three magazines and night sights, which is the same price for the black framed version.

  5. James says:

    Yawn*…. I love my VP9, but this isn’t exactly exciting. LOL. Come on HK, drop that VP9 Compact already so we can all lighten our wallets and piss off our wives and girlfriends.