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I Can Now Imagine Q As A Cartoon


9 Responses to “I Can Now Imagine Q As A Cartoon”

  1. txJM says:

    This evokes two emotions in me:

    1. That’s pretty neat.
    2. When are we going to find out the f*** “Q” really is? Tired of all the teasing and inside jokes. I’m a potential customer, not a game show contestant!

  2. Roy Woodall says:

    Deeds not words…

  3. mcs says:

    Considering the logo, and the server room in the cartoon, would it be crazy to guess Q is going to be offering some form of IT products? Merely a hypothetical to toss out there.

    • SSD says:

      Considering they are all gun guys and I’ve said that they are working on firearms products, yes, that would be crazy.