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Joe Carley Joins Team Vortex

Vortex Optics of Middelton, Wisconsin is proud to announce the addition of Joe Caley to their small and select cadre of sponsored shooters.

Joe served in the US Army from 1990 to 2011 as an enlisted Infantryman, Cavalry Scout and Infantry Officer. Joe was severely wounded in Iraq in 2009. As a result he spent two years in hospitals for his second TBI, several surgeries for his legs, feet, a spinal injury and vestibular paresis. With the help of his doctors and therapists they were able to train and calibrate a Bioness System that allows him to climb obstacles, hills and walk and traverse mountain trails.

A year ago, Joe was approached by a friend at AMU asked him to shoot a PRS match. Joe jumped at the chance and hasn’t looked back. At time of writing he is 19th in Tactical Division, placed 9th at Mammoth Sniper Challenge and was invited to shoot in the exclusive Allegheny Sniper Challenge in Seneca Rocks, WV. Joe plans to move to the open division in 2017.

“Competing in PRS and tactical matches is challenging for most able bodied competitors, I often get told by other Shooters that they don’t know how I do it, and though they are beat up and tired they can’t possibly go and complain about it. A lot of times I show them the burn marks on my skin that the devices give me from putting electrical impulses through my legs. I don’t complain, I wear the scars with pride because I’m out there competing and not sitting around feeling sorry for myself. I enjoy meeting the many competitors and learning new things from all the top shooters. Most rewarding to me is when someone comes up and tells me they had no idea I had those injuries because I wear long pants to cover my equipment. This makes me feel great because I’m not looking for attention. I am just looking for a new normal.

Along the way I’ve had some great help with PRS and shooting, Vortex Optics being one that always got me some great optics to use, but now as of April I was notified that I am now one of the only sponsored match shooters of Vortex Optics. I know this is a huge honor because this family of shooters is very small and they are world and national champions. I feel fortunate to have the backing of Vortex and their entire staff”


5 Responses to “Joe Carley Joins Team Vortex”

  1. Bad Dancer says:

    Dudes hardcore. Kudos to him and Vortex got a good marksman who knows how to solider on.

  2. BillC says:

    Vortex is great company and this guy sounds like a badass. Should make for a great team.

  3. RayForest says:

    Is Joe the guy on the left or the right?

  4. CWG says:

    Congrats shooter, and way to go vortex. Great company, I was in Afghanistan last Christmas and was surprised to see USO raffeling off Xboxes and other sweet loot to Joes. After a decade and a half, cool to see companies still going out of there way for more than just procurement and COTS dollars.