SOFIC 2016 – Yes, There Will Be Quaffing

What’s Gelände Quaffing you might ask? Well, it’s the awesomest beer drinking competition ever and finds its roots in the downhill ski community.

In 1986, the skis were skinny and the snow was fat, during a 14 foot storm, the infamous underground crew of the Jackson Hole Air Force was going stir crazy in the Bear Claw Café, waiting for the mountain to open. In those days the bartender would send a freshly filled beer mug sliding down the bar to the patron who ordered it. One fateful night a beer mug slid off the end of the bar, took air, was caught seconds before a glass shattering catastrophe, and promptly pounded. Gelände Quaffing was born. Apres’ ski competitions followed, testing the unique skills of all who entered, and provided exciting entertainment for all spectators. But somewhere along the way Gelände Quaffing was lost and the après ski spirit forgotten.

It’s quite a sight. Teams often costumed run from one end of the bar to the other and by the end of the night, they are feeling no pain. As in years past, this grudge match is also a fundraiser. Along with a silent auction, they raise some great coin for the All In, All The Time Foundation.

See you there!

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  1. AlexC says:

    Link to the youtube video SSD posted last year? Can’t seem to find it.

    And it was awesome.