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Blue Force Gear at NRA 2016

From May 20th through the 22nd, the Blue Force Gear team will exhibit at the National Rifle Association’s 145th Annual Meeting and Exhibits in Louisville, Kentucky.

Come by booth #2633 to meet with members of the team and to shop for a new Vickers Sling™!

Industry expert Larry Vickers will be in the booth every day from 1 pm to 3 pm. Come by during these times for trivia, autographs and to meet the star of Vickers Tactical®.


10 Responses to “Blue Force Gear at NRA 2016”

  1. The photo leaves me wondering what exactly is going on in Chicago? 🙂

    • SEK75XX says:

      That much Crye set against the Chicago skyline, it can only be a transformers invasion.

  2. Strike-Hold says:

    I notice that they appear to be leaving….

  3. Adun says:

    Looks like JJ Abrams made a gear advert with all of that lens flair.

    • G3SM says:

      Indeed, a flare that suspiciously does not actually cross in front of the first rifle on the left side of the photo yet reaching across the front of the individuals who are further out in front of him, begging the question: what is actually flaring here/how do you get a 3D lens flare? Nice actual lighting on the subjects though ;).

  4. So LAV will be in the booth from 11-3 daily?