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BLACKHAWK! Releases New 3-in-1 Concealed Carry Holster


OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – May 16, 2016 – BLACKHAWK!’s new Leather Tuckable Pancake Holster offers maximum versatility and the ability to adapt to most popular carry configurations.

The design allows civilians and law enforcement officers to choose from inside-the-waistband, tuckable or belt-mounted wear. The holster combines premium leather and injection-molded plastic to offer comfort, security and rugged durability.

The Tuckable Pancake Holster features a three-slot design for strong-side, behind-the-hip, appendix and cross-draw carry on belts up to 1.75” wide. It offers tension-adjustable retention and a trigger guard for safety and security. Adjustable cant and ride, along with a built-in shirt shield, add comfort and a moisture barrier between the user and firearm.

“We know that our customers rely on their equipment to keep them safe, and we are excited to offer such a multifaceted holster,” said Jarrett Beck, BLACKHAWK! Product Director. “This new holster offers personal adjustability, safety, convenience and value in an all-in-one package.”

BLACKHAWK!, a Vista Outdoor, Inc. brand, is constantly researching, refining and perfecting every detail to provide tactical gear that won’t let you down. For more information, visit www.blackhawk.com.


21 Responses to “BLACKHAWK! Releases New 3-in-1 Concealed Carry Holster”

  1. Horshack says:

    This is awesome! My team has been looking for a modular, low vis, holster for UC work. We only get enough money to buy one holster per guy, so i’m hoping this can also be worn as a drop leg rig. It’d be cool if you could also carry two mags on it. My TL still has his drop leg rig for his beretta from when he was across the pond in Saudi. We share it depending on who the number one is crashing the door.

  2. historia says:

    I am all about these hybrid holsters.
    A lot of companys are making em, many in the US of A

    • Bill says:

      Interesting, as I am not. In my experience the leather/kydex combo rigs have an overly large footprint, and those that are convertible between OWB/IWB do neither well.

      And to be blunt, BLACKHAWK! has gone off my radar when they became the Walmart of nylon.

  3. GoldOper8tor says:

    Horshack, if it could carry two mags on it, would you have enough extra mags to accommodate that?

    • Horshack says:

      my team usually has two extra mags but out of the four of us, we have 3 different pistols and two different calibers. I rock a beretta (hair trigger) and the other guys have differetn stuff. My ATL has a .357 for knock down power. They’d just be my extra mags.

  4. Joe says:

    “knock down power”? Seriously, why can you buy one yourself? I’m sure some other readers will donate old holsters to you and your team. You might be lucky enough and they start a go fund me for you to get these sweet holsters.

    • Horshack says:

      sure bro! Pretty much common knowledge that .357 is known for its knock down power. THat’s why we train at the range to double tap with 9mm. Our protocol is first rack the slide, then blaze two rounds. Anyways, i hope to procure these for the team next year when we are due to life cycle our team holsters. Hoping they get positive ffedback from you guys!

  5. Phred says:

    Now I just need a Serpa that will fit a K-Frame smith and 8 speed loaders. For my TEAM!

  6. Vince says:

    Do you even “operate” bro? I hope SSD has an IP ban hammer. The internet is awesome. Last time I was in “Saudi” it was almost a vacation. No “drop leg rigs” there. I ain’t sharing nothin. Get your own shit. As for the OP, CRAPHAWK! lost my faith a long time ago. I just wish we would stop issuing that shit on our approved list.

    • Dude Abides says:

      +1 On that last part. Seen three serpas break off of the belt slides during foot pursuits… Dunno if they had a bad run or what but not a good feeling. Immediately swapped ours for Bianchi 82 Carryloks (outstanding CCW choice btw, almost no print signature and keeps weapon in close to the body so your grip doesn’t look like a third hip under a shirt)

      • Airborne_fister says:

        +2. I had an issued serpa holster. Before we even deployed. The bottom screw that connects to the paddle broke off. So I got a G-code for missions. And used the pos serpa holster on the FOB.