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NRA – Blackhawk Launches Suppressor Line

That’s right, Blackhawk launched a line of seven new weapon suppressors today, ranging in size from .22 all the way up to .338 Lapua.

Models include:

  • Pulse Rimfire
  • Smoke Stack .45 Pistol
  • Mini Boss 9mm and .300 Blackout
  • Barrage 5.56 Rifle
  • Gas Can 7.62 Rifle
  • Carnivore .300 Win Mag
  • Wraith .338 Lapua Mag



26 Responses to “NRA – Blackhawk Launches Suppressor Line”

  1. royced59 says:

    so are these made in China like everything else made by Blackhawk?

    • Patrick says:

      Damn! (Non suppressed) shots fired!

    • SSD says:

      Actually, about 65% of Blackhawk’s product is made in the USA, including these.

      • Mike D says:

        Really? Current products? Everything I ever pick up off of the shelves says it’s made in Vietnam. I know that some of their older, US made gear still exists though. I’ve got an old 3 day bag from them that was made in the US.

        • SSD says:

          Pick up more then.

        • Dev says:

          Not sure you’re aware but Blackhawk is a brand name owned by ATK, who also owns Eagle Industries.

          Not a fan of their products, but I do own a rigger’s belt from them pre-acquisition made in the USA and actually rated for use as safety equipment.

          As for suppressors, not my area of expertise but I’m guessing that more choice and competition (assuming these are decently priced) can only be good for the consumer.

          • Yawnz says:

            Assuming they make a quality product. A suppressor is certainly not a bag or holster.

    • Jian Hong says:

      Why does it matter? American made doesn’t mean anything, I had plenty of expensive items made in USA that exhibited poor quality or even fell apart while similar products from China are much more durable and of course cheaper too.
      Both America and China can produce quality and they can both put out junk.

      Who in their right mind will think an AK built by IO or Century is better than a Norinco?

      Blackhawks imported stuff is from Vietnam, and same story. The few Blackhawk pouches and non Serpa holsters I had before held up fine. I have a Uniqlo fleece jacket that is very well made while my Oakley FR gloves look like they’re falling apart within a few months of use

    • Suppressors are generally not importable items for civilian sales so I would guess that they are not.

  2. Steak TarTar says:

    Man, the suppressor market keeps growing!

  3. SN says:

    What is meant by direct thread mount?

  4. Huey says:

    Honoring a vow of silence?

  5. EMPeeFive says:

    These look extremely familiar. I do hope that SiCo is producing them on a variance, otherwise they are blatant ripoffs.

    Spectre II – Pulse Rimfire
    Octane 45 – Smoke Stack .45 Pistol
    Omega 9K – Mini Boss 9mm and .300 Blackout
    Specwar 556 – Barrage 5.56 Rifle
    Omega – Gas Can 7.62 Rifle
    Harvester – Carnivore .300 Win Mag
    Harvester Big Bore – Wraith .338 Lapua Mag

    • Yawnz says:

      Well, they are both metal cylinders. Other than that, they don’t look THAT similar considering none of SiCo’s cans have the hexagonal design on the sides and the design on the front.

      • EmPeeFive says:

        It’s more than just the similarity in the fact that they are round. If you look at the actual designs, you can see very similar aspects from SiCo Cans. For example the entire baffle construction of the Gas Can 7.62 is the exact same on the inside. Using the same style sleeved core, same mount attachment method. Other things like the small details on the Smoke Stack are still present, there are just crazy cuts on the outer tube to make them look different.

        All these lead me to believe that they have to be licensed designs by SilencerCo. If it was just one or two cans(a la Griffin Armament), it would be one thing, but the entire lineup is copy and pasted with hex cuts.

    • Diddler says:

      First thing that came to mind when I saw this. I own numerous SiCo fans and the stuff that matters (not the hex cuts) are essentially identical. These must be rebranded or ripoffs. The QD mount is ASR, the direct thread for the Omega, I mean Gas Can is the same. The list above is matched spot on. It’s unabashed copying if not licensed. Even the form factor of the pistol piston is the same.

      • Diddler says:

        I own CANS, not fans. Though I am a fan. Maybe I should double check before posting more.

  6. 18Derp says:


    Line of silencers with no weights mentioned… Walk away.

  7. Snakeman says:

    I spoke to Sico today about the Blackhawk line of suppressors. They (Sico) licensed their technology to Blackhawk, but they are not the manufacture of the cans. He didn’t know who is actually doing the manufacturing.

    • Diddler says:

      Well at least it’s not infringing on IP.

    • AlexC says:

      Licensed, not infringing, and adding more choice to the market?

      I see nothing wrong with this. The more silencers on the market the higher the chance of getting legislation repealed that limit the use of silencers.

      • SSD says:

        They are going for low pricing as well which may help bring even more people into the suppressor market.