NRA – Colt Classic Reproduction Military ARs

This is the coolest thing I’ve seen at the show.  Colt Classic plans to release a new line of reproduction AR-style, military issue firearms. The first two are the Model 02 and XM177E1. Other, similar reproductions have been offered but these are genuine Colt, using original examples as pattern guns to ensure accuracy. 

I spoke briefly with the folks working in this project and it’s truly a labor of love, recreating these limited edition firearms. There’s a whole lineup planned including the Shorty Commando, GAU-5A/A and others. I can’t wait to see these hit the market, considering an original Commando will run in the tens of thousands of Dollars.


25 Responses to “NRA – Colt Classic Reproduction Military ARs”

  1. ThatBlueFalcon says:

    Oh that’s cool… Sign me up for a few of them!

  2. Jeff S says:

    Better than buying from Troy.

  3. P.J. says:

    I was just wondering the other day why Colt didn’t already sell replicas of some of the classic AR configurations.

  4. SoloDallas says:

    Okay, buying them in bulk and selling my current clones!

  5. Duke says:

    And it’s not even my birthday!!! IAMSOHAPPY

  6. Disco says:

    Oh my God, I will gladly whore my body to get one of these.

    Oh what a happy day.

    • Airborne_fister says:

      You might need to loose a few years. But I’m just going off of your callsign! But you could def be a pimp. Plus with being a pimp you could make a whole bunch more. And you will need these to collect from your “John’s” can anyone say tax write Off?

  7. RON K says:

    When ready order will be in, holy momma san..

  8. I’m selling my second son to fund these purchases. Anyone interested in a 25 year old?

  9. chuck says:

    so…does the suppreser work on the 177????

  10. Jian Hong says:

    I hope the production models don’t have the white fill-in lettering.

    M16A2 repro in the future I hope…

  11. Louis Meyer says:

    Talked with the guys involved in this project at the NRA Convention today. They will NOT have the white fill-in lettering on the production models. The attention to detail will be second to none. The amount of money spent tooling up for the production of currently non-produced parts is staggering. they’re going at it in a big way. Impressive.

  12. Diddler says:

    I knew I was right to blow off the Troy!

    • RON K says:

      Did the same when they put the Troy Logo on it. Now I am 100% glad they did.And Colt will sell everyone of them for sure.

  13. bulldog76 says:

    cool but ill probably still buy nodak parts and build my own

  14. Mick B says:

    Limited number or available to whom ever wants to buy one? IF it’s a limited run….price will be outrageous…..and a food fight to get one. IF they are reasonably priced (for a Colt) and the odds of getting one are significantly less than winning the lottery…..I’m in. Colt has a real winner here, but if they are only going to make a limited number, I feel that they will be missing out.

    • Philip says:

      I hope it’s the former, not the latter. I really would like to get one, but if it’s a limited production run, I fear it’s going to be a very competitive grab. Between serious collectors, dealers, and neck-bearded asshats buying as many as they can in order to mark up and scalp for profit on the secondary market and at gun shows, it could prove difficult to source. That leaves very little wiggle room for us everyday gun enthusiasts who’d like to add one to our arsenals.

      • SSD says:

        That’s always the danger with schemes like that. I propose a subscription service.

  15. What’s this I’ve heard that these are not actually being made by Colt, but subcontracted out to a company that specializes in classic reproductions? Maybe that is a good idea, come to think of it.

  16. Jim S. says:

    As for Colt possibly subcontracting the build to another company, I bought a WWI 1918 Colt BAR, subcontracted by Colt to be built by Ohio Ordnance Works. Has ‘Colt Pat. Firearms Manufacturing Co. Hartford, Conn.’ on the receiver, so legally, it’s a Colt. And it’s super high quality and beautiful! But for the price, I couldn’t be more pleased. So subcontracting is not always a bad connotation.

  17. Gunner says:

    Wanting a 20 inch lite barrel, but if over a grand, I’m out of here.
    Don’t need to carry too much of Colt’s debt burden.