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Revision Announces Snowhawk Cold Weather Goggle System

Essex Junction, Vermont (May 23, 2016) – Revision Military, a world leader in protective eyewear solutions, introduces the SnowHawkTM Cold Weather Goggle System. Revision developed this goggle system in collaboration with Anon Optics, a leader in goggle design for snow sports and a brand owned by Burton Snowboards, the world’s leading snowboard company. The SnowHawk Cold Weather System is the first-ever fully integrated ballistic goggle and balaclava system offering complete face coverage, superior anti-fog performance, and ballistic protection.

Cold climate operations have become an essential tactical focus for militaries around the world, with many dedicating more resources and training to maneuvers in the Arctic and other cold weather regions. This shift has generated a growing demand for gear that can withstand harsh conditions and function in extreme environments.

Extensive time, attention, and resources were dedicated to ensuring the breathability of this cold weather system: Mesh over the mouth and nose directs breath away from the goggle; the dual-pane thermal gasket lens creates an insulated barrier; built-in top and lateral forced-air vents provide constant airflow; and, Revision’s leading OcuMax© Plus coating is applied on the inside of the lens to prevent fogging, plus a hard-coat is on the outside of the lens to resist scratching. The SnowHawk system’s balaclava design utilizes Anon’s Magnetic Facemask Integration (MFI®) technology to seamlessly integrate the goggle and balaclava, ensuring stabilization and seal, with no skin exposed. The system achieves total face and head coverage, but is also intuitively designed for ease of use and swift removal when necessary. The SnowHawk Cold Weather System is available in black or winter white.

“As Revision has evolved, we have increasingly taken advantage of our cutting- edge facilities to tailor our protective equipment to the many environments forces around the world encounter,” said Jim Hester, Vice President, Optics, Revision Military. “We are excited to take this capability to greater extremes and challenge the limits of what our protective eyewear can do with the SnowHawk Cold Weather Goggle System. We are especially pleased to partner with a neighboring Vermont company on this venture. Burton is a likeminded and impressive company in an adjacent field, and it brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to the table.” Hester continued, “As extreme cold weather operations are expanded, the SnowHawk goggle system, and the technology we have developed for this product, will be the standard for integrated head systems used by forces in extreme cold conditions.”

With improved comfort, functionality, and stability comes enhanced endurance and situational awareness; this is especially vital in the harshest and most unforgiving terrain on the planet. The SnowHawk Cold Weather System is low-profile and lightweight, with a sleek form-factor ideal for both tactical operations and extended- use missions. This efficient design ensures compatibility with helmets, binoculars, and night vision systems. The SnowHawk goggle lenses are interchangeable—with options for bright sunlight, overcast or low-light scenarios, and laser protection— and are made from optical grade polycarbonate to shield eyes from unexpected fragments, exceeding U.S. Military eyewear ballistic impact resistance requirements (MIL-PRF-32432).

SnowHawk goggles are compatible with Revision’s Rx Carrier for prescription lenses up to ±11D. Revision has tested the SnowHawk Cold Weather Goggle System in the company’s Research & Development laboratory, and the SnowHawk system has undergone rigorous review by multiple organizations in many diverse environments and conditions, including in Alaska, California, Norway, Canada, and atop Mount Washington, NH, a location known to be one of the coldest and harshest in the U.S. For additional information on this product and Revision’s capabilities, or for purchase inquires, contact [email protected].


9 Responses to “Revision Announces Snowhawk Cold Weather Goggle System”

  1. PT6 says:

    The snowboarding segment has always been way ahead of the tactical market when it comes to outerwear fabrics and textiles. I was wearing wicking first layers back in 98 wayyyy before general public knew what they were (under armor) etc… Glad to see they are finally getting together. Anon is a great company and rules the roost right now with innovation.

    • SSD says:

      Not so much, we issued wicking layers in the 80s

    • vitaly says:

      Your layman’s perspective is widely held but quite far from reality.

      • PT6 says:

        It very much isn’t, we were first to measure waterproofing in mm then came out with Gortex xcr and micro seam tape and welded soft shell material . Burton has better jackets 5-10 years ago than stuff that I see in the tactical market nowadays.

  2. This would have been awesome during winters in Korea (back in the 90s) (when we had wicking layers) (and Goretex) (even though we had to walk 5 miles in the snow to get to chow)(uphill)(both ways)

  3. Brent says:

    This will go nicely with my Sako TRG Penguin Warfare rifle.

  4. Invictus says:

    Be interested to know what organizations are testing in Alaska.