Blade Show – Bawidamann Blades

There are several new bits of cutlery from our friends at Bawidamann Blades. 

There’s the Dvalinn, a collaboration with RMJ Tactical. Inspired by a deer head and antlers, the name comes from one of the deer that hang out around the Tree of Life, Yggdrasil. It’s a smaller EDC Tomahawk and you can see it definitely has some of the lines from their highly successful Ragnorak. It’s only 15 oz and 10.5″ tall. This scaling down means that the head is about .75″ shorter head than its big brother. With it, he’s also updated the Uber Scabbard. It’s now fully ready for belt, PALS and sling carry.

Next is the Stark, a barebones EDC neck knife. It’s made from CPM CRUWEAR steel with a 2-5/8″ blade and 6″ overall.

Finally, they’ve introduced a folder and the first six are for sale at Blade Show. They are full titanium framelock flippers including titanium handwear from Steve Kelly as well as a GTC Bearing System. The blades are acid etched CTS-HSP steel and the scales are milled with the Bawidamann Valkyrie pattern.


3 Responses to “Blade Show – Bawidamann Blades”

  1. darrel says:

    Looks terrible like most of Bawidamann products. It will probably cost well over 300$ and offer nothing that a SOG doesn’t for a tenth of the cost

    • SSD says:

      Did someone from Ohio sucker punch you once? Why all of the Bawidamann hate?

      SOG makes a fine product but they are production knives made in a factory overseas. The price is commensurate with that.

      The Bawidamanns are small businessmen, making their knives here in the US and working on everyone of them. Maybe not every single step, be issue almost nobody does that, but they do much of the work. Andrew Bawidamann is a well recognized artist and you can see that in their designs. Their small run of folders was sold out before the day was even over yesterday.

  2. It’s ok SSD. Darrel must have met my ex-wife…. that’s enough to make anyone hate an entire state. Darrel, I’m sorry you had to go through that man, we’re here if you need to talk.