Australian Patrol Vehicles

Definitely want! Based on the Toyota 79 series platform, they’ve beefed up the shocks and coils of this 6WD vehicle and installed a 4.5 liter turbo diesel V8. It’s boasts a 3500 kg towing capacity, 100 liter onboard and 200 liter container water capacity as well as a 180 liter onboard and 200 liter container fuel capacity resulting in a 2500 km range.

Thanks Platatac!


3 Responses to “Australian Patrol Vehicles”

  1. Bill says:

    With a awning and fridge it’s my next RV, if only they’d put the steering wheel on the right, I mean correct, side.

  2. Dan187 says:

    “and installed a 4.5 liter turbo diesel V8”

    That would be the only engine available in the 70 Series LC in Oz. So it’s not an upgrade for the military version, but reportedly a good engine non the less.

  3. trev says:

    Im surprised that the Australian army ended up going with the G Class Merc instead of engaging local industry with something like the above. The Landcruiser 70 series is the benchmark vehicle for the australian outback and has proven itself with a long history going back to the original FJ.