MMI Textiles Now Offering Printed Narrow Fabrics

MMI partners with Mikan to expand product line and reinforce commitment to the military industry

WESTLAKE, OH – MMI Textiles, Inc., a leading supplier in the textile industry, announced today that they are introducing a line of printed narrow fabrics through an exclusive partnership with Mikan Printing. The goal of this addition is to better serve the military and tactical industry throughout the United States and around the world. These printed narrow fabrics will include webbing, binding tape, loop, elastic, zipper, and more. 

This product is currently available in MultiCam® with MultiCam Alpine®, Arid, Black and Tropic patterns being developed in the coming months. With higher quality inks and improved durability, this new product line is one of the best available in the market. It’s created with advanced-edge technology to give fabric a more concealed edge. It is 100% Berry Compliant maintaining MMI’s ability to offer so many products Made in the USA.

“Being able to offer printed narrow fabrics fills a need we heard loud and clear for our tactical and military customers. Current and future customers will have a high quality, innovative, and competitive option for printed narrow fabrics along with the commitment of the MMI team,” said founder and president of MMI Textiles Inc., Amy Bircher.

After 19 years in the business, MMI Textiles, Inc. has a long history and an excellent reputation of serving the industry. The company’s mission is to be an all-in-one supplier to both the commercial and military markets. MMI supplies fabric, hardware, labels, and more to customers all over the world.

A valued-partner, Mikan Printing, is one of the countries most respected and innovative leaders in the narrow-printed fabric industry–a family owned business with over 64 years of experience. This proven expertise will reinforce MMI’s commitment to providing quality products and valuable customer service.


7 Responses to “MMI Textiles Now Offering Printed Narrow Fabrics”

  1. Alex says:

    I like the look of printed but dislike the MULTICAM MULTICAM MULTICAM written allover it. Is that a requirement per the request of Crye?

    • Dev says:

      At least you’ll know it’s genuine.

      Hard and frequent use do wear off the pattern though. Then again, woven patterns are more expensive and printed is still better than nothing.

    • Stephen says:

      woven is the way to go, printed fades and the pattern used for mulitcam is actually darker than multicam fabric, in fact, the repeated pattern that is used for multicam printed webbing has made me ponder for years as I find it to be a terrible choice to repeat over and over every foot or whatever length it is. It just doesn’t match up to anything in the pattern at all, and this is most evident when used on plate carriers and packs (anything large)! To top it all off the placement of webbing on armor and what not sometimes looks like a staircase if staggered at all!!! no way is it as effective as it could be! Woven webbing blends in the pattern so well sometimes your eyes look over it, not the case for printed webbing! Mystery Ranch and FirstSpear have it figured out!!! just my .02 though I guess

  2. Boris says:

    I do wish woven could be manufactured from solution dyed NYLON yarn.