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Detonation Technology – STS-6 Shock Tube System

Setting a breach is inevitably the moment when shock tube turns against you. For a small interior breach shock tube (or NONEL) is manageable, only needing to be 12′ or 15′ long. But when large wall charges and EOD energetic tools are needed that standoff isn’t enough, and 75′ of shock tube can make an impressive rats nest.

Enter the Detonation Technology STS-6. The shock tube is spun on a collapsing mandrel in a hand held drill, then the clam shell case is snapped on and the mandrel is removed. An M-81 or other igniter is attached to the outside, and the “live” end spools out from the middle. It is virtually impossible to get tangled.



3 Responses to “Detonation Technology – STS-6 Shock Tube System”

  1. Jon says:

    looks pretty handy- only issue is if it gets approved for use.

  2. Brent says:

    I just use a fork and treat it like spaghetti.

  3. EODClass03180S says:

    Awesome. As per usual, EOD gets really cool shit about 10 years after they actually need it.