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Dom Raso Lays Down Some Truth

The AR-15: Americans’ Best Defense Against Terror and Crime

Source: NRA News

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45 Responses to “Dom Raso Lays Down Some Truth”

  1. MThomas says:

    That is the best thing I’ve heard this week. I am going to let every person I come in contact with listen to this. That is a common sense solution.
    Thanks SSD for posting this.

  2. Hubb says:

    Well said. Thank you Dom Raso for being a credible voice for our community. I am going to send the link to this video to friends, family and our politicians. We need to let the pols know to target the real terrorists and not honest gun owners.

  3. Sierra5 says:

    A very good argument why our rights should not be infringed upon, by any politician, let alone a criminal seeking office.

  4. SoloDallas says:

    This is so good almost can’t believe it.

  5. CuriousMind says:

    Dom keeps saying it’s common sense for families to own ARs, but he doesn’t provide any actual reasons for their superiority.

    Can someone explain why a family would be better off with an AR than a G19 or short barrel shotgun in the house? I just can’t see the need to make the switch…

    • Ed says:

      It’s actually very simple, a well trained individual, not necessarily Mil or LE, can employ, with training, (all variables accounted for, space, backstop, basic safety/fundamentals) employ this weapons systems easier then every other system. That includes control of said system in a CQD/combative’s situation as well.

    • Ed says:

      And the #1 elephant in the room, which he mentioned is that it is our duty as patriotic Americans to be able to defend against Tyranny. The AR15 is nothing but the modern day musket/Pennsylvania/Kentucky rifle of our time. Period

    • Andy says:


      I’ll echo what Ed has said about the ease of use of the AR. To put it in more technical terms, the AR is easier to aim because of the length of the weapon (meaning your hands are farther apart while on the weapon) and the distance the front and rear sight are from each other. It’s quick and natural-feeling to align the front and rear sight when aiming a long gun (AR or shotgun) at a target.

      Pistols are more difficult to master and shoot accurately than an AR due to their smaller measurements, and the closeness of the sights to each other. Any shift or disturbance of the gun will cause it to move off target, and that makes it very easy to miss.

      Pistols and shotguns also have very limited ammo capacity without modification. Most pistol magazines carry 10-15 rounds or less. Shotguns have the capacity for 6 (plus or minus a few).

      To summarize, the AR is a natural weapon to aim and shoot, and has a sufficient number of rounds in its magazine to address what you are likely to find in your home at night.

      • CuriousMind says:

        I definitely appreciate the response, guys. It might take a little more to convince me that an AR is superior to the short barrel for home protection. But I’m only considering ease of aim to counter act any situational shock or confusion.

        Concerning the protection from tyranny – I definitely see your point. I’m not sure any number of local, AR wielding militias could stop a federal military… but having them would certainly be better than the opposite.

  6. Peter Malkin says:

    We must be prepared to defend ourselves from tyranny, whatever form it may take.

  7. Ed says:

    Fa-can A Cotton!

  8. James R says:

    The NRA isn’t doing enough for gun owners. They cave too quickly to pressure from politicians.

  9. Johnny says:

    Good stuff. I will share.

  10. TomS says:

    The AR-15 is the national battle rifle,yet civilian marksmanship program still only uses M1Garands.

    The original purpose of the cmp was to provide basic marksmanship,foster competition,and proper maintenance procedures.

    In ancient Greece you were not considered a citizen unless you had a military weapon and practiced with it.

    The great fear in the time of the founding was of a professional military that would consume Freedom,hence the unorganized militia where every able bodied American was expected to have a weapon and the means to load and carry accouterments.

    Now we have former Generals going the gun banners….how dare they!

    We are the military we serve and our sons and daughters serve.

    Some of the best advancements in weapons and weapons training(IPSC,IDPA), have come about because we the citizens of a free country can buy train and free of bureaucratic doctrine experiment with what weapons and procedures/training work best.

  11. Dellis says:

    This was a great piece and spot on, thank you!

    Can I just also please state that Tom Brokaw is a complete douche nozzle?!!

    I just heard him on the radio talking about how the Orlando shooter killed all those people with an “AR15” and how we need to keep the “AR15 in the military, where it belongs”….Does this supreme journalist have a fact checker on staff??

    Send this video to Tom Brokaw….ASAP!!

    • TominVA says:

      Mateen didn’t use an AR? I’ve seen reported elsewhere that he did.

      • Riceball says:

        The shooter used a Sig MCX, which is an upper they make that fits on any AR lower. So, technically, it wasn’t an AR so much as an AR style rifle.

        • TominVA says:

          Ok, yeah I’d heard it was the MCX. I think for purposes of communicating to the widest possible audience, calling the MCX as an AR15 is reasonable.

      • Dellis says:

        It’s being reported a sig sauer mcx, not an AR.

        The news people think, as many do, that the “AR” stands for “assault rifle”. And no corrects these clowns

        • TominVA says:

          Ok, but the does the video correct that to “Armalite Rifle”? And if it does, is it important in view of the argument Brokaw is making?

          • Dellis says:

            Well ya, the military uses full auto weapons. When politicians and news people call for a ban on automatic weapons they are to dumb to grasp there already is a ban on full auto weapons!

            Does the military use civilian AR15?

  12. Mike Nomad says:

    Finally, some intelligent Post-Orlando Speak.

    BZ Dom.

  13. TominVA says:

    Every now and then it happens. I’ll read or watch something that has so much wrong with it, I hardly know where to start. This video qualifies.

    Good production though. Good delivery, and Mr. Raso clearly stays in shape and that helps with his credibility.

    • Dellis says:

      Well…..don’t keep us in suspense with that cliff hanger, what’s wrong with it and what if this was stated by an overweight transgender cripple? What does being in shape have to do with it?

      Curious minds need to know

      • TominVA says:

        He states clearly that he is a former SEAL with 12 years (right?) of experience. Yes he could be transgender and overweight, but his fitness is in keeping with the image of a SEAL and it just helps. Superficial I know, but that’s how people are.

        What else? Oh man, I really don’t have time. It’s just so riddled. And I’d have to watch it again to see if he specifically makes any claims, which I’m not sure he does.

        Ok, here’s one: AR15s for home defense. I don’t know where “most Americans” live, but most I see live in close proximity to each other. Is this a good idea – a rifle for home defense.

        The video suggests terror attacks are best met by citizens going about their daily lives armed with AR15s. Should this be our goal as a society, to have every citizen armed to the teeth with shoulder guns as the go through their day?


        • Ed says:

          Wow, and wow! You really enlightened us to what was so wrong with his message. I mean, why shouldn’t everyone own an AR15?? Since your critique of his pitch lacks in detail, explain (in detail) exactly what your getting at.

        • Dellis says:

          Tom, I like your input here as most just pass ot over but you’re cool for replying.

          In regards to home defense an AR15 depending on ammo and set up there is no worry about rounds goin thru walls and such. In many cases handgun ammo can have the same effect of passing thru walls also.

          I never held to the idea of Americans needing to be apologists for the 2nd Amendment. The average citizen is ….are the true “first responders ” because police and EMS come to clean up and write a report after an event. Rarely do police have the great fortune to prevent a mass shooting or robbery. So an armed citizen is a great thing to be, to have near by. One that is responsible enough to get proper training which I admit is the scary thought.

    • Ed says:

      So, how does it “qualify” as it having “so much wrong with it”?

  14. I wish I had two more hands so that I could give Dom Raso four thumbs up. Sharing this on the Facebooks.

    • Dellis says:

      Living in a military town many come in my shop and I am really surprised at the number of anti-gun members of the service. Now these are not the types usually in harms way but rather logistics types, computer techs and such.

    • Jed says:

      and that should be “telling” by the way. Damn keyboard.

    • Rus says:

      I’ve been on a lot of military installations and met a lot of military officers from all branches, ranks, education levels and backgrounds…
      I can tell you from first hand experience – the military is afraid of guns. If you’re not special operations types, they don’t want you to carry one unless it is required. It’s not like it’s portrayed in the movies, with everyone running around with a gun. If you are not spc ops, infantry or military police types, you probably handle a firearm once a year (or less…). I deployed with a computer tech type who had fired his M16A2 twice in FOUR years…
      I’ve was in two separate war zones, when two separate presidents came to visit. BOTH times we were required to unload, show clear and remove our bolts (we placed them in our cargo pockets). No pistols or heavies were allowed in the formations… Both were outdoor formations in the middle of the day. Both were on MOBs. Just so you know, one prez was republican and one was democrat, one time was with the Marines and the other was an army formation…
      Off duty military people are not allowed to have guns in their barracks rooms, and to have a firearm in base housing – it must be registered with the military police. There is NO concealed carry on military bases, unless you are CID, NCIS, OSI, or authorized by the installation commander.
      The installation commander has legal authority to deny state and local police the authority to carry concealed on base (while off duty)…
      Do not assume that the military is pro-gun, just like people you meet everywhere else, there are pro and anti…
      I’m not bashing the military, as I have 21 year is – I’m just telling you what I have seen and experienced.

  15. LowSpeed says:

    Buy whatever you need, what you’re proficient with, and what is appropriate for your environment. Just keep in mind.. violent crime is going down… everyone in this thread is more likely to be harmed/killed in an auto incident because some dude was texting or you’re likely to simply die of old age/sickness.

    We should always be prepared but we don’t need to be at the level of angst that the arms industry constantly promotes. That “bump in the night” is thankfully for most of us: never going to happen. Even with all the partisan theater we’re a nation with the institutions and the wherewithal to settle most of our internal disputes peacefully.

    • Google says:

      Negative Ghostrider.

      We are at a crossroads in our history. The left wants the guns, they are liars if they say they don’t. POTUS laughed in an interview about the right being paranoid and creating this narrative. He lied and said that he was not going to go after our guns. Now he has made his real intentions clear since he has nothing to lose. I’ve already lost my 2nd amendment rights for a decade while our next President’s husband was at the helm, I will not go down that road a second time.

    • Dellis says:

      The scary thought is this….No one, I repeat NO ONE that tragic night in Orlando woke up that morning and thought, “I will be shot to death tonight while enjoying dance and music!”

      The young singer girl recently killed while signing autographs never thought at sound check, “Later after the show, I will be shot and killed!”

      The father of the little boy at Disneyland Resort after the movie began playing said, “In a few minutes my dear child will be dragged under this murky water by a gator!” I bet that father wished he had a club, knife or….gasp, a gun!

      My point is that it’s best to have it and not need it then need it and not have it, eh? So everyones “bump in the night” will not be the same “bump”

  16. Brendan smith says:

    Thanks for posting this, Eric. Cheers!

  17. Maskirovka says:

    This is from the NRA?? Wow.

  18. Major_Northeast_City says:

    I just want a bazooka (not the gum) and a box or two of grenades.

    • Vince says:

      You must be one of Blumberg’s buddys. Unless… you plan on putting them to good use within his office.