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The A-10 Using The German Autobahn As An Airstrip

The A-10 was designed to fight a war we fortunately never had to fight. Built to kill Warsaw Pact tanks as they poured across the Inter-German Border, the units that flew the Warthog developed plans to operate from makeshift FAARPs set up along the Autobahn in case their bases were destroyed by NBC attacks.

Yesterday, four A-10s from the 127th Wing, Michigan Air National Guard, performed highway landing practice in Estonia, as part of NATO Exercise Saber Strike 16. This is the first time this tactic has been practice since 1984.

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17 Responses to “The A-10 Using The German Autobahn As An Airstrip”

  1. MattF says:

    How can the “German” Autobahn be in Estonia???

  2. jbgleason says:

    GOAT CAS platform, just don’t forget that the politicians keep trying to kill it because it isn’t getting anyone votes.

    • majrod says:


      I think you meant USAF generals.

      Redundant at some level but let’s strive for accuracy?

  3. Marcus says:

    Remind me- what other fixed wing combat aircraft do we have that can accomplish this feat?

  4. Bushman says:

    You forgot to mention, that Jagala emergency airstrip, which is a part of highway, used in this exercise, was built exactly by the same reason, but for Soviet Army.

  5. Dellis says:

    I can’t believe they sought to trash this magnificent beast of badd-assery!

  6. Chuck says:

    Poor old Warthog. All it ever did was anything that was asked of it.

  7. Don’t know if this is even possible anymore on the current BAB. Every section I’ve driven in the past six years has solid, continuous, concert crash barriers in the center.

    Most Autobahn are only two lanes of traffic in each direction, except near large cities. Could an A-10 land on only two lanes and clear obstacles on the median and break down lanes?

    Maybe possible on the a few of the “B” roads.

    • Bushman says:

      Not in Germany, but still possible. In Finland, for example, they still have about three highway airstrips without any divider.

  8. Mark G. says:

    FOD walk anyone?

  9. DEEBEES says:

    why are they practicing it now?