Autonomous Alloys – Digital Steel Smart Target System

New high Tech Shooting Target Inspired by Video Game Mechanics Brings the Virtual World to the Real World

Interactive High-Tech Steel Shooting Targets Use First-ever Magnetic Reset and Embedded LED Backlit Illumination to Reproduce Classic FPS Game Mechanics

Autonomous Alloys’ Digital Steel smart target system represents a huge leap forward in shooting target technology for the most common caliber ever made, the .22 LR.

Virtually all shooting targets become static and dull – paper can seen, but can’t be heard; steel can be heard, but can’t be seen. And even “reactive” targets tend to get monotonous after time. Autonomous Alloys has set out to redefine what a target is capable of and in doing so, created the world’s first electronic steel pop up target system that uses traditional first-person (FPS) video game modes to inspire it’s experience, and bring fun and training with interactive, multisensory shooting targets.


Powered by a lightening-fast electromagnet to control pop-up resets and a multi-colored backlit light bar for game feedback, Digital Steel targets combine visual and audio feedback in an extra-ordinary way – every target hit is a satisfying hit. And when wirelessly connected to other targets on the field, something extraordinary happens – game modes that were traditionally only available in video games can now be played down range with live fire. Fan favorites like Free-for-All and Domination from games like Doom, Halo, and Call of Duty, can be played in single player, co-op, and head-to-head modes. Training drills and run and gun modes provide real-world high-adrenaline scenarios and test everything from your double tap and reload skills, to speed and endurance.


Fast paced, intuitive, and fun for shooters of all ages, Digital Steel Smart Targets bring several new features never-before-seen in targets:

  • 20+ Game and training modes at launch and more just a download away
  • Training drills that include custom time-trials and double-tap requirements
  • Virtually unlimited number of wirelessly connected targets down range
  • iOS/Android Apps enable fast and intuitive game starts
  • Up to 4 players for head-to-head or co-op battles
  • Bullet proof! LED illumination is shielded with replaceable polycarbonate bullet resistant polymer; the target popper is cut out of AR450 ballistic steel while the whole chassis is protected by a downward canted AR500 steel shield
  • Solid-state with no moving parts but the popper itself. Onboard embedded processor controls magnetic reset, LED feedback, and wireless communication for lightning-fast responses across the field
  • “Digital Steel Smart Targets are designed to be fun,” said Michael Campbell, co-founder of Autonomous alloys. “Casual and competitive players alike love the system for the charged feedback and action. It’s unlike any other live fire target shooting experience.”



    12 Responses to “Autonomous Alloys – Digital Steel Smart Target System”

    1. I’d like to see how well these show up in bright sunlight, not twilight as seen in the video.

      • StJames151 says:

        I’ve shot these targets and back/front lighting is not a problem. Not only is the light-up obvious, but the team color is EASILY distinguishable in all lighting situations.

    2. madman says:

      looks neat if it can be made to with stand 55.6 than could be useful for training and practice.

    3. Miclo18d says:

      ¡Me gusta!

      Yeah let’s see some shooters put it to the test. If it does what I think it does, it could be a great tool!

    4. Mr.E.G. says:

      Any guess on price?

    5. nik says:

      I like it a lot. Very cool.

    6. Chuck massey says:

      Very interested in setting up an outside gallery. Can you send a catalog and give me specs on calibers to use. Yhank you. Chuck Massey 315 4th ave Meridian Ms 39301.