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Spritus Systems – Flag Bungee

I’ll file this under “interesting”.   I’m just unsure of how often this is an issue. Spiritus Aystems says they created the flag bungee to be a simple yet effective tool for carrying Old Glory with you on all your operations. Currently, people are using retention bands or some other improvised means of securing their flags to their armor. This works, but is prone to failure and is unreliable. They reason that Something as important as our country’s flag deserves a much more secure means of attachment.

Their answer to this dilemma is the Flag Bungee. This kit includes three sewn double loops, a Cord Lock, and a length of adjustable shock cord. 

Installation is simple: weave the shock cord through your MOLLE and the provided webbing loops, insert your flag, and tighten it down using the provided cord lock, stowing any additional length under the flag.



13 Responses to “Spritus Systems – Flag Bungee”

  1. President Skroob says:

    Seen on CNN on a Friday… replicated on the Airsoft field by Saturday morning

    That’s $14.50 too much for what you can do with a boot lace and a cord lock.

    • matt says:

      Yep. “This is my DEVGRU Red Squadron Impression, I spent 6,000 on these crye AOR1s”

    • Dairian says:

      The real problem is we need a new tactical flag. Maybe UCP Molle stripes on a field of Multicam with blacked out stars.

  2. d says:

    Or, fold the flag properly and carry it in a pouch. Keep it somewhat clean.

  3. Jacob F. says:

    Saw the Seals using it in Iraq on a video released by Iraqi forces.

  4. RayForest says:

    Sort of similar problem for carrying a 25ft section of 1″ tubular nylon coiled. Guys just band it off in a similar spot. A better idea (for both aps) would have been to incorporate some sort of skinny long cinch sack to go under the bungee. It would protect the flag and subdue the colors as well as prevent snags on the tubular nylon sling.

  5. Rob371 says:

    I put it in the back panel of my assault pack, but I have also 550’d it rolled up on the side before too. Never had an issue.

  6. EODClass03180S says:

    …Or you can fold it flat and slide into your plate pocket in your vest. Like I did. Like EVERYONE ELSE I KNOW did. This is one of those products that leaves me scratching my head saying…Why?

  7. Jack Daniels says:

    Because the cool guys do it. It makes you a bullet magnet (when you do this rather than put it in a pouch) but hey… blood on the flag makes it more intense? Or something?

  8. H.C. says:

    Seriously, carried mine under my front plate in my vest… kept it pretty clean and protected. Ive seen “cool guys” doing this, mainly embedded with ANA on training ops and stuff…

  9. Joe says:

    Meh…I’m counting down the days until I see a bunch if tacticool fools running around with these as they can’t even adjust their NODs properly but want to play SOF impersonator.
    I can just use my own damn bungie, or stick it in my armor, or put it in a pouch…or just not bother carrying things that aren’t mission essential.