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Spritus Systems – Flag Bungee

Wednesday, June 29th, 2016

I’ll file this under “interesting”.   I’m just unsure of how often this is an issue. Spiritus Aystems says they created the flag bungee to be a simple yet effective tool for carrying Old Glory with you on all your operations. Currently, people are using retention bands or some other improvised means of securing their flags to their armor. This works, but is prone to failure and is unreliable. They reason that Something as important as our country’s flag deserves a much more secure means of attachment.

Their answer to this dilemma is the Flag Bungee. This kit includes three sewn double loops, a Cord Lock, and a length of adjustable shock cord. 

Installation is simple: weave the shock cord through your MOLLE and the provided webbing loops, insert your flag, and tighten it down using the provided cord lock, stowing any additional length under the flag.


Spiritus Systems – Lid Snake

Thursday, December 3rd, 2015

The Lid Snake is designed to protect your night vision cables that lead from a rear mounted battery pack up to the mount which is great for guys who don’t use a cover.


Berry Compliant, the Snake Lid is constructed from Genuine 330D (MultiCam) and 500D (All other colors) Cordura in MultiCam, MC Arid, MC Tropic, and MC Alpine.