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Armalite InfoGraphic

It’s cool to see the lineup of Armalite weapons.


19 Responses to “Armalite InfoGraphic”

  1. Ed says:

    Now disseminate to Congress, Senate and all Lefty politicians and useful/useless idiots (That means you Bloomberg you turd!) nation wide!

    • Big Daddy says:

      They know, they do it on purpose it’s part of their tactics.

      I guess AK47 stands for assault killer of 47 people.

  2. Dev says:

    It’s amazing how a seemingly innocuous German designation dating back to ww2 can carry so much political weight today.

    • Strike-Hold says:

      Well, even the origins of the German designation “Sturmgewehr” (assault rifle) isn’t that innocuous…

      Although its commonly repeated that the term was made up by Hitler, Peter G. Kokalis actually did thorough first-hand, primary research into it and determined that in fact the term was made up by the Officers or General in charge of the German Army’s small arms development and procurement division in order to persuade Hitler to approve the production order for the Stg-44. This also explains why the MP-42 and MP-43 were called “MP” (Maschinen Pistole – submachine gun) and even the 44 was initially called an “MP” as well.

      Hitler had initially queried and refused to authorize the production of new submachine-gun models becuase he saw the SMG as a defensive weapon and he believed that the Army should be focussed on attacking, not defending. So, the araments board came back with a ‘new’ design for a new ‘assualt rifle’ that would help the German Army go back on the offensive again with greater firepower and Hitler signed off the production order without any further quibbling.

      So, by my reckoning, the term ‘assault rifle’ has been a politically loaded term right from the start – and this has been the bane of its existence ever since.

      • Dev says:

        Yes, thanks for adding to that. I do remember reading in an Ian Hogg book when I was younger and semi-obsessed with everything military and firearms. The long story short was the project and development was initially disapproved and disfavoured by Hitler. The development was name-changed multiple times to mask its existence from Hitler before he gave his final blessing and the term Sturmgewhr was born.

        • Not to be “that guy” but “Sturmgewehr” means, literally, “Storm Rifle” but it came into English as “Assault Rifle” … and we were off and running ever since.

          Of course “Assault Weapon” is a complete fiction made up by idiots who don’t know anything about firearms and gladly used since by politicians who are idiots who don’t know much about anything at all.


          • Dev says:

            Yes, thanks for adding to the discussion. And you’re right, all this nomenclature vilification in the 21st century over “assault rifle” is stupid AF.

            • Strike-Hold says:

              Actually, in German military parlance “Sturm” does in fact mean ‘assault’… You can’t rely on civilian dictionaries 100% to understand the idiosyncracies of military terminology.

              • tm says:

                As in “storming the castle,” we’ve kept that meaning in English as well, synonymous with assault (though with more of an assault-with-overwhelming-force nuance).

      • Kirk says:

        (Please note: The following is written with tongue firmly in cheek, and is meant as very dark humor, for any of you who are humor-impaired… It’s also tangential to the whole “Sturmgewehr” language perversion issue… Vaguely.)

        The Germans have a lot to answer for, in regards to “bad things introduced to Western Civilization”. And, to tell the truth, I’m not even sure the industrialization of mass murder is really going to go down in history as the “worst thing” they did–Plenty of other people have done worse, and with up-close-and-personal weapons like swords. Mongols at Samarkhand, Moghuls in India at numerous locations, and so forth.

        The Mongols actually killed enough people to affect the freakin’ climate, so on a “percentage of the human race killed”, the Germans are historically kinda… Pikers. Parvenus–You never hear of any Mongol troopers getting all depressed and shit, after weeks of slaughtering civilians and searching their entrails for jewels and other loot, now do you? By comparison, the Germans couldn’t even keep their Einsatzgruppen going effectively after all the mass murder with small arms, so they had to resort to the Zyklon B. So, despite their rather high stats, there will always be an asterisk by their entry in the mass murder record books. Didn’t have the staying power and individual stamina of the ancients, see?

        No, the resounding historical crime of the German Third Reich is gonna have to be the creation and widespread use of the modern graphical presentation system in staff briefings and training. Hitler was easily bored, and didn’t have the greatest attention span, being mostly drugged out of his mind on Pervitin by late in the war, so Speer had to enlist the aid of a bunch of industrial designers and graphics folks to put together all these spiffy simplistic and attractive briefing charts, which the Allies eventually captured, and since our generals were apparently of a similar attention span, we wound up copying. The entire crew Speer had working on briefings actually wound up working for the Occupation authorities, switching over smoothly as hell. And, boy did we copy it…

        So. Yeah. That “Death by Powerpoint” briefing you sat through, last week? And, the week before, and… Well, you get the idea. The original genesis for that whole nightmarish productivity killer came straight out of the Third Reich, and can be traced back to Hitler. Literally, when you conduct a Powerpoint Slideshow, you’re “riding with Hitler”, and all the lessons Albert Speer learned about presenting to a tyrannical, homicidal madman are perfectly encapsulated and perpetuated in the software. Is it any wonder we have such a high rate of mental problems in the ranks?

        So, literally, the probable downfall of the whole of Western Civilization can be laid at the door of Albert Speer and Adolf Hitler. Or, at least, all those lost hours we’ve all spent sitting through deck after deck after deck of interminable Powerpoint presentations… In terms of sacrificed lifespan…? This may be the worst thing the Germans ever did to the world.

  3. Philip says:

    This is a great infographic. But all the information in the world still won’t allow the gun-grabbers to see logic and accept fact.

    I had one tell me a few days ago –despite my Barney-style breakdown of the textbook definition of assault rifle– that commercially available AR-15s and other similar designs were still assault rifles “because they are used to assault our right to live peaceably, so you don’t need to have one.”

    To them it’s not about correct information, it’s about their agenda to disarm and control; and seeing it implemented at any cost, rights and due process be damned.

  4. The real Armalite ceased to exist in the 1980s and the name and design rights were purchased in 1996 by Mark Wetrom, who then relaunched the company as “Aramalite, Inc.” So, just to be clear, the graphic is a bit misleading since it tends to give people the impression what is called Armalite today is the same company that Gene Stoner worked for, etc.

    It’s not as cheesy as Springfield naming itself after the famous government armory of the same name, but it’s close.

    • David Hensley says:


      A couple things:

      #1. The spelling of Mark’s name is “Westrom”, not “Wetrom”. Mark was a reserve US Army Ordnance Officer, a competitive shooter and a GS employee at Rock Island Arsenal. Mark became obsessed with engineers and introducing an “affordable” AR-10 in .308. Getting the Armalite name & trademark was just the result of good sleuthing and luck on Mark’s part. You have to give him credit for reintroducing a mainstream affordable AR10.

      There is more to the story, the funding, the tie in with Eagle Arms/LMT, etc.

  5. Bruce says:

    It seems even the new ArmaLite doesn’t know. AR stands for just ARmaLite, or the AR17 would be an AS17.

    • David Hensley says:

      That seems to have escaped them, doesn’t it?

      They should say AR stands for ARmalite. Then, when they re-introduce the toaster, they can call it the AR-83 Toaster.

      • Anibal Perez says:

        How long before the morons on the left would try to get this mythical assault rifle toaster banned?

  6. Maskirovka says:

    I always thought is was an abbreviate for “AAAAAARRRRR!”