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Haley Strategic Partners – D3CRX

HSP has introduced a new version of their popular Disruptive Environments Chest Rig with an X-style harness. The rifle magazine pouches still accept AR type magazines as well as AK 7.62 x39mm and 5.45 x 39 magazines but it has a couple of changes from the original. For example, they’ve added two Multi-Mission pouches which accept standard double or single stack pistol magazines, as well as many handheld lights, multi-tools, and 37mm/40mm grenades.  Additionally, the full Velcro field allows the rig to be outfitted with the latest D3CR accessories as well as assist in full contact connection with plate carriers. Finally, as you can see below, the removable the X harness features a floating overlap which will move with you.

Offered in Black, Coyote, MultiCam and MultiCam Black.



7 Responses to “Haley Strategic Partners – D3CRX”

  1. Thomas Madere says:

    Looks like someone sewed it wrong. The 1″ strap on the left needs to be under the 1″ strap on the right to keep the right strap from sliding out of place. That or else it needs to be sewn under the right strap

    • PNWTO says:

      Did you read the post?

      • Thomas Madere says:

        Yes i read it, the floating overlap only controls the distance of motion of one strap not both as it is made. The right shoulder strap can float between the sewn points of 1″ inch left strap By contrast the right shoulder strap is not retained and can be completely separated from the left. Look closely, you will see what I mean. The left 1″ strap would need to be routed under the right 1″ strap. Both could still float but both would be limited and could not be separated from each other

        • Jason says:

          I see what you mean and I agree. As they are, the right hand strap could pull clean away and get tangled up. The problem is if they did overlap between sewn points then you can’t really adjust where the X overlaps for bigger or smaller people if the two gaps are locked in.

          Alternatively you could just make the sewn gap over a long section of the shoulder strap so it can scale up and down depending on the wearer’s size.

  2. gibbs says:

    I wonder if they’ll sell just the straps. I have one of these rigs, and am not too happy with the H-harness as is.

    • Chuck says:

      Yes! I would love them to sell the straps by themselves for older harnesses.

  3. Mike Nomad says:

    Looks like a very smart piece of kit. To address the strap talk above…

    The x-over point is adjustable in height: adjust the strap length at the rear buckles.

    The “one side through the other” is a smart way to go: allows you to adjust for more swing, for right or left handed shooters.

    To keep things where you want them at the x-over, a little 550 cord is your friend.