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Patrol Incident Gear BBC-2 Helmet Bag by SKD Tactical

PIG BBC-2 Helmet Bag

Patrol Incident Gear is pleased to introduce the BBC-2 Helmet Bag, a fully padded, full-featured carry case for your Helmet. The PIG BBC-2 Helmet Bag was based on a PIG lab design from years back, and we recently brushed off the dust and upgraded a few features to bring it to market. 

The project name “BBC” was an abbreviation for “Brain Bucket Carrier”, which is based on the old GI slang for a helmet. 

-Fully padded design
-Quick & Easy Drawstring Closure
-External Accessory Pockets (2)
-Sturdy Carry Handle
-Large Loop fastener field for Patches/Name Tape
-Integrated ID Window with Hook & Loop Closure
-Made in USA



3 Responses to “Patrol Incident Gear BBC-2 Helmet Bag by SKD Tactical”

  1. Tubo says:

    But will it fit an HGU-56/p (aviator helmet)?

  2. Bill says:

    I let mine roll around in the trunk so it looks like it actually gets use. I also keep my googles protected in an old cut off sock.

  3. Nate says:

    Based off personal experience with a competitor’s product, they need to add a strap/bungee for hanging it from the passenger seat headrest of the CVPI/Tahoe/Exploder/Dodge POS, which is where my brain bucket resides. Can one open it one handed with the right hand when suspended in such a fashion?