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HSGI Releases LEO Family

SWANSBORO, North Carolina – July 29, 2016 – High Speed Gear has a history of producing some of the most versatile tactical pouches and platforms in the industry. A proven performer, HSGI continues to show tremendous popularity in the law enforcement and military markets worldwide. Our lengthy list of top tier operators includes U.S. and allied special forces, state and local tactical units, and federal agencies.

Designed specifically at the request of local and foreign law enforcement agencies, High Speed Gear is proud to release the Handcuff TACO – Covered, the LEO TACO, the LEO TACO – Covered and the Stun Gun TACO.

As with the original, the Handcuff TACO – Covered will hold almost any brand or style of handcuffs, but now can also accommodate oversized cuffs. The flapped design provides additional security and meets the needs of some departments that the original doesn’t. This pouch is also ideal for field compasses, tins and other similarly shaped items.

The LEO TACO and LEO TACO – Covered offers a versatile two-in-one platform, combining our Pistol TACO and Handcuff TACO to meet a large variety of law enforcement needs. The LEO TACO will hold almost any combination of pistol mags/small flashlights/multitools and handcuffs/field compasses/tins.

Although our customers will find many uses for this pouch, the Stun Gun TACO was designed for law enforcement officers who needed a TACO-style solution for the X26 and X2 Tasers. The rigid webbing sides allow it to expand while still providing a sturdy and stable shape to securely hold most stun gun models. This pouch features an adjustable Velcro retention strap for increased security. The Stun Gun TACO is also compatible with many personal radio communications devices.

The Handcuff TACO – Covered, LEO TACO, LEO TACO – Covered and Stun Gun TACO are available now, in both MOLLE and belt-mounted versions.

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8 Responses to “HSGI Releases LEO Family”

  1. Alex says:

    Need to drop all the dangling chord as it’s not a professional PD look. A lot of departments like LAPD would never allow those.

    You must also be kidding with that X26 Taser Taco holster..

    • Hoff says:

      Scissors and a lighter will fix that.

      • Patrick says:

        Yep. That was my first thought as well.

      • Coastie says:

        I carry one on my duty belt. Just cut the excess and melt the ends. While it might not work with a leather setup, it looks right at home with nylon gear.

    • BB says:

      Why is the taser holster so crazy? I have been putting one in a taco rifle mag pouch for years

  2. RayForest says:

    You guys need to be pimping a taco for a radio holder. Specifically for the newest Motorola. The one without any option for a built in D ring. Dear Motorola, the 90’s called. They want their plastic POS Nextel holder back. I think the radio Taco is seriously where it should be at.