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Info on the New GLOCK G17M

Primary and Secondary forum member Todd J has released this info on the G17M from his new equipment training.  Indianapolis Police will be the first department to roll out the G17M which was designed specifically for the FBI contract.  It is important to note that the upcoming Gen 5 will not have all of these features.

“Currently at our handgun in-service, and the 17M info has been released to the guys here, so I feel comfortable putting it out here.
Changes are:
1. New, “tougher” finish
2. Different rifling
3. Longer RSA
4. Reinforced front RSA notch
5. Smoother trigger (similar to G42/G43)
6. Flared magwell
7. Removed finger grooves
8. Safety plunger is oblong/rectangular instead of round
9. Ambi slide release
10. Magazine well cut out
11. Magazines have a slightly extended front lip.”

This image was posted to the Internet by another member of IPD.

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50 Responses to “Info on the New GLOCK G17M”

  1. Brian says:

    It looks like the muzzle end of the slide has a bevel cut, somewhat like the G26?

  2. Doug says:

    Wow. That’s so groundbreaking Glock. Way to go out on a limb. True innovation…..?

    • SSD says:

      Starting to give people what they ask for, a little at a time.

      • jbgleason says:

        Herr Glock learned from his idols at H&K. Screw the consumer, they will take what i give them and they will like it or else!

        • Diddler says:

          This is usually parroted by people who have never owned/been issued or dealt with HK. HK, in my dealings with them, have always been very helpful, cordial and eager to please. Haters go’n hate.

          • reverend says:

            Really? HK releasing their firearms to the general public, and charging normal prices isn’t in their wheelhouse though.

            Nooooo, can’t put a semi-G36 in someone’s hand! Nooo (rolls eyes) they’re a fine manufacturer, but their policies, and attitudes rub the general public the wrong way…

            When I have bought my last three firearms, HK wasn’t even under consideration. I’m not playing their game.

            • James says:

              You realize a lot of that has to do with German export laws?

            • Jeb says:

              So you blame a manufacturer for conforming to their country’s export laws….which you know, there products must be inspected before exported. Think of it as Germany pulling the only card they can for America bombing the shit out of their country so many years ago. The same America that has policies and attitudes that rub even Americans wrong. By the way, the ATF, NRA, Democrats, Republicans, conservatives, liberals, TSA, Catholic priests and Black Lives Matter all hate Americans too – especially if you’re of another class than they are or gay…because Sodom and Gomorreah, ya know? But HK can ETADIK…

              • jbgleason says:

                The humor button on SSD is apparently broken today. I have been issued several HK firearms over the years and loved me some MP5. But anyone who has dealt with the teutonic factory folks knows they can be some difficult people and this comes from a guy who loves Germany.

                • Jeb says:

                  There is nothing humorous about hearing the same regurgitated shit about a company whose hands are tied by their government. Ever dealt with FNH? Had to deal with shipping a SCAR back? They swallow balls too – even with their Browning and FN America connection, they blow balls. The first sentence rings even truer when considered that most who bitch about being hated by HK cannot afford one. Kinda like the broke ass price Nazis who complain about prices of shit shown here on SSD. Because truth be told, unless it is a military based design used by Germany – it can, and is, imported. Yet most Americans still cannot afford them. For the first time, being a broke ass unwilling to do work and better thyself will win you Hi Points.

                  • jbgleason says:

                    Ummmm. Back away from the coffee pot dude. No clue what you are trying to say here. Maybe the Google translator screwed up the German to English? Mr. Koch is that you?

                    • Jeb says:

                      Ok, in basic English – Americans hate HK because they choose to believe HK hates American civilians. HK is caught by the short and curly from their gov’t and charge accordingly for their quality, R&D and export/import fees for what is available in America (minus LEO/.mil). FN charges just as much for their “quality”. FN sucks to deal with as well. Most who bitch about HK, like FN, cannot afford “quality”. Many people bitch about prices of shit shown on SSD. Those people cannot afford, or understand, “quality” either. For those who just don’t get it and prefer to bitch about what they don’t have because they don’t work for it – get Hi(gh) Points. For the record – long day, little sleep, too much work, not enough time and kids went back to school today minus the oldest…still a week before college starts classes and the wife forgot to order coffee from Black Rifle. I concede, I may be pushing the limits of relative cognition and not ENOUGH coffee.

          • Carlos says:

            Yeah, I’m a Hater. I am still waiting on their promised return phone call from more than 16-years ago. I have since gotten rid of the pistol for which I wanted to purchase a trigger upgrade for.

            I also know of at least LE 2 agencies that got rid of all their HK hardware because they could not obtain any repair parts. One had to wait 6-months to get a replacement recoil spring for a duty pistol. The other was told that they should call back in a couple of years before they can order the replacement part they need to be able to use their UMPs.

            • Tod Glenn says:

              Same experience here. Almost impossible to get parts and service. Forget about any help if you have an orphan gun like an SL8. I was really disappointed that the much vaunted VP-9 had such a crappy tripper and a mag release that breaks. It took two month to get a replacement and they had me ship the gun back to them. Buy a Glock and drop a Ghost connector in it.

              • Paul J says:

                Or just buy a glock and learn to master the fundamentals with it, which isn’t that hard.

            • straps says:

              Never had an issue with a contract-purchased HK that needed fixing.

              I think HK is ambivalent about individual purchasers, partly because individual purchasers blame the gun–and consequently the manufacturer–when the junk-ass ammo they payed $.15 a round for in bulk doesn’t run right. And it’s downhill from there. I could only imagine the reaction to a stippled VP9 frame arriving for factory repairs…

          • PPGMD says:

            The phrase came during a period when their customer service did suck. When they actually picked up the phone they were rude, guns would sit waiting for parts for months.

            I think it was maybe 6-7 years ago they put a real effort on improving their American customer service. And you have their excellent customer service that you see today.

  3. lincoln says:

    Missing locking block pin?

    • Tim says:

      Saw that too… Only two pins now.

    • James says:

      Lots of gen3 pistols are single pin. The 9mm guns never seemed to have a problem with it. I think they were just trying to increase commonality between the 40/357 models and the 9mm’s. You have to wonder if that extra pin is worth the extra hole in the frame, yeah you reduce the moment on the locking block but you also weaken the frame.

      • Paul J says:

        Strange, that’s the first time I see that. I know one case where this pin has wear out just 1/100mm and this causes the slide release not to work ; another mysterious case.

    • Diddler says:

      My first Glock is a Gen3 17 and it only had one pin.

    • Seamus says:

      Good pickup! I wonder what is going on under the hood.

  4. Jack Griffin says:

    *insert a hearty Keanu “Whoa…”*

    Did Glock just catch up to 2016 with all this 17M / Gen 5 action or am I being optimistic? I mean, Gen 4 hasn’t even had a decade to itself yet.

    I see that they did leave the Designed by Robots for Robots trigger guard shape intact. I hear Gen 7 is going to have a mild bevel for human hands.


  5. Tim says:

    So it’s a Glock 17 without finger grooves, didn’t think many people had issues with the 17 not fitting their hand thought it was the Glock 19 people complained about that the finger grooves didn’t fit.

    • BillC says:

      The lack of finger grooves, and and the addition of the magazine lip, were requirements for the FBI contract.

      • Tim says:

        Glock 17 has never been an issue its the 19 that needs to get rid of finger grooves. Giving people what they want I bet more people would ask for a 19 without those little bastard finger grooves

  6. James says:

    Meh…. mostly good steps there. Would love to see them extend the beavertail a tiny bit and carry most of the rest of this into gen5. I don’t get why everyone is bashing this gun. The gen4 was the biggest redesign Glock has had and also had the most problems. You don’t have to redesign shit every year, just so the fanboys can have the new model. Make stuff that works and make small incremental improvements as issues show themselves.

    • Diddler says:

      This ^

      I think it’s pretty rad. Glocks in their current forms have served a lot of people well for a long time.

  7. Barney says:

    The requirements, IMHO, were designed to get the P320 approved. But when Glock gives it away like the Police Chief’s daughter…

  8. reverend says:

    Actually, I like it enough that when they release it to the general public, I’ll probably give them a look. if they transfer some of these features to the G19?

    Oh yeah, on the list.

  9. BM says:

    Wonder what the trigger spring looks like inside….. Hmm…

  10. Darkhorse says:

    I’ve always found it interesting that people in this industry are so critical of companies. It seems here, like Glock is doing a good thing and giving options based on years of use and feedback. People here slamming H&K because why? They build what they build and if it doesn’t suit your high speed mall cop/range guy needs then go buy something else. Likely, it wasn’t designed with YOUR personal requirements in mind. And if it wasn’t designed for your requirements, then perhaps your order on the totem pole isn’t where you think it is and you’re likely closer to the bottom than the top.

    • Joe says:

      This x 1,000!

    • Steak TarTar says:

      “And if it wasn’t designed for your requirements, then perhaps your order on the totem pole isn’t where you think it is and you’re likely closer to the bottom than the top.”

      Quoted For Fucking Truth

  11. Will says:

    I’m always surprised by all the couch commandos who hate Glock. They make a great product at a great price. If you want a super custom gun that suits all of your personal requirements then go buy a custom 1911. The fact is for about $500 you can get one of the the most reliable guns on the planet. I have a Glock 26 that is a back up duty gun. I’ve had that gun for nearly 4 years, and carry it daily. It gets shot every quarter at the range. That gun still looks nearly new. All these extra features and design changes you all bitch about cost money. You can’t have a gun that’s reasonably priced, and has every feature that every gun buyer demands. If you don’t like Glock, or HK, or whatever, don’t buy one.

  12. Paul J says:

    Why is this one made in Austria?

    • Diddler says:

      I’m pretty sure that every Glock I’ve ever had says, “made in Austria.”

      • PPGMD says:

        More and more are made in Georgia now.

        But to answer Paul, because that is probably where the engineers are.

  13. Blehtastic says:

    All I want is a stock steel guide rod assembly with chrome-silicon springs.

  14. Wannabe Contractor says:

    Fuck Barfcom!!!

    Hey Bama, when are you going to come clean and tell everybody about your fucked up past? The boys down around B-Ham say you ain’t nothing but a poser, at best. Fucking loser. Go back to the boards and push your faggot ass sayings.

  15. Ragnar says:

    I love gen 4 Glock 19’s. They should have made a removable finger groove module on this new one. Flared magwell is a nice enhancement. Ambi slidelock, cool. But -10 for Glock not making this in dat fotay Glock caliber, because Chicago drill won’t be the same without Montana talking ’bout dat .40 bang with the 30 clip. I’ll be getting one for sure. #lust #needfulthings

  16. Nick says:

    Let me know when they have 19M

  17. Jon says:

    I had a Gen 4 glock 19 and sold it for a gen 3 G26. I miss my 19 a lot. I didn’t like the backstrap on the G4 or the huge magazine release. I like the MRO concept, but wish they would release MRO Gen 3 slides. I’d buy one in a heartbeart. My G26 is the old puke green OD but the Vickers tactical G19 in Gray looks really nice too. I think many have hit on it, but honestly I don’t know how much Glock does focus groups and how much of it is “we know they are going to replace this, so put plastic sights on” mentality.

    Things I think would be nice in a G19:
    RTF2 stippling (or new scallop stipple like many do aftermarket)
    Metal Glock sights
    Metal guide rod like gen 4’s
    Gen 3 mag release, scalloped and rounded button (like vickers tactical)
    Standard extended slide catch
    Standard no finger grooves and flat backstrap (like Gen 1 or 2)- Could add backstrap kit much like the mainspring housing on a 1911 (instead of a plastic pin)
    Incorporate a high beaver tail like the gripforce adapter
    Add finger grooves to the trigger guard
    Standard Ghost connector or NY spring (based on model- Cali or not)
    Standard MRO slide

    Think those would be great features then an individual can customize as needed. just an opinion.

  18. Chris K. says:

    All this talk – the real question is: will it work with current aftermarket parts? Especially internals?

  19. MP says:

    I’ve shot this glock and can say it is very good.
    I’ve always had a tendency to shot low left with
    My gen 3 however with the new trigger group in this glock
    all my shots were central.
    Happy days!!