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Today is National Airborne Day

Just thought all of the legs out there should know.

Carry on, that is all.

19 Responses to “Today is National Airborne Day”

  1. Jack Griffin says:

    Hooray! Knee-height 1 qt. canteen shuffle scars for everyone!

  2. Jon says:

    Can five-jump-chumps still celebrate?

  3. Diddler says:

    This should be changed to, “National outdated infil mechanism that likely wont ever get used again, that proud yet risk averse commanders will never let fade into history day.”

  4. CV76 says:


  5. When’s national “Leg” day?

  6. Washi14 says:

    That picture was taken at FBNC June 6th 2009. That’s the last jumper in the stick who was a COL who told me he would put his 9 1/2 in my 4th point if I didn’t get off the ramp (Cherry Blast jump). my chute is deploying in the pic. If you look there is a gap with the rest of the stick because the guy in front of me had wobbly knees and decided to scoot off the ramp like a Blackhawk LMAO

    Happy Airborne Day