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Lindnerhof Tactik – Gen II Medic Pouch

Lindnerhof Taktik’s latest generation of their medic pouch is made from hybrid laminate and offers enough space to carry everything you need for first-response medical assistance. Using PALS on the inner and outer pouch, the inner bag can be removed from its carrier to facilitate access to the medical components inside the bag.

The pouch is available in the colours 5-Farbflecktarn, Black, Coyote und Steingrau.

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9 Responses to “Lindnerhof Tactik – Gen II Medic Pouch”

  1. james says:

    pretty interesting but the new spin on the old buckle is not very encouraging… the over molded assembly while cutting labor cost is a huge capital investment and the pinch ends are easily clogged and the entire buckle becomes in operable…

    • Bobby Davro says:

      The buckles are the same that have been used on uk issue webbing for over 30 years in 20 years I’ve only had two breakages that come to mind and even then the pull tail can be used to secure the pouch and can’t remember a blockage major advantages are no shap click like side lock buckle and no rip noise like Velcro

  2. Tim says:

    Looks derivative of the First Spear product. Maybe I am smoking crack and there are other med pouches out there with a similar design. But it kind of raises a red flag when you look at their plate carriers with the “not-Tubes” and the “not-Airlite-cummerbund”.

    • Lasse says:

      There are so many “clues” that there is no doubt.

      • Tim says:

        But but but they make real gear for real end users! Aren’t you willing to let a little IP infringement go if I say that they make stuff for unnamed entities?

        Fucking embarrassed by that guy from MR defending them when their catalog got posted here. Apparently ripping major design elements straight from Crye and FirstSpear is “good stuff” and the people doing it are “good people.”

    • straps says:


    • bill says:

      “not-tubes,” you should trade mark that quick.