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Magpul Releases Receiver Extensions and Buffer Components

Back during SHApat Show we have you a little sneak peek at the Magpul Receiver Extension. Well, now they’re available along with complimentary buffer components and better yet, they are offered for both the AR-15 and SR-25 platforms.

Receiver Extension

Not your average receiver extensions. Constructed of impact extruded 7075-T6 aluminum with Type III, Class 2 hard coat anodizing for an extremely hard, abrasion resistant surface. The interior of the receiver extension features Everlube® coating for enhanced corrosion resistance and reduced friction. Available in a 7-position AR15/M4 profile as well as a 10-position SR25/A5 profile optimized to fit with the full line of Magpul Mil-Spec carbine stocks.

Buffer Components

In addition to the new Magpul Receiver Extensions, you can satisfy all of your stock needs.

Stock components available are:
·Stainless Steel AR15/M4 Carbine Buffer Spring
·Stainless Steel AR15/M16 Rifle Buffer Spring
·AR15/M4 H Carbine Buffer
·AR15/M4 H2 Carbine Buffer
·AR15/M4 H3 Carbine Buffer
·Heat-Treated Castle Nut
·Receiver End Plate

Get them at www.magpul.com/stockcompletion.


20 Responses to “Magpul Releases Receiver Extensions and Buffer Components”

  1. renaissance marine says:

    ok, i’ll bite. what is wrong with the one i got? what will this one do for me? other than have “magpul? logo on it…

  2. jbgleason says:

    Ten positions? Geez, I remember chucking our extensions up in a drill press to add a third hole. Feeling old now.

    • Ray says:

      You’re feeling old?

      I have short arms and I remember ZERO adjustment.

      Picture that on top of a slippery flak vest and I wonder (along with foggged glasses and a loose earplug) how I qualified.

  3. Default.mp3 says:

    Is the SR25/M110 profile RE compatible with the Vltor A5 components?

  4. Moose Daigle says:

    Just manufacture all AR parts already! Come on you’d know you’d have support Magpul!

    • BillC says:

      Except their plastic sights, those things suck. I’m not a hater on their mags, but it’s USGI or Lancers from now on. Everything else though, I’m a fan.

      • Airborn_fister says:

        Yea I work for the world for most outfitter. And I cannot tell you how many people put the polymer flip up front sight on the gas block picatinny fair section and the. Come in after a long range day saying why did this melt to it or does my warrantee cover this? My second favorite customer is the guy who puts a buis on a free floating hand guard and has the rear one covered with a scope. His reasoning is “well if I break my scope I want a back up.” My reponse. “Do you carry the tools to remove the scope if it were to fail?” 99.9 percent of the time it’s a person with a srcew on type of scope rings. And 99.9% they answer with no why?

  5. M says:

    OK, I might try one of these, but when are the MOE SLS stocks coming out?

  6. MikStimboli says:

    How much extra lenth do these offer