Stuff I Like – Petzl e+LITE

Petzl’s e+LITE is a very simple headlamp. It’s both inexpensive and compact with a built-in, retractable cable which is used as a headstrap. It’s also extremely lightweight at just 27 grams. It features a convenient rotary switch which is easy to manipulate and can swap between white and red lights. Becuase of the size and weight I keep one in my range kit, one in my backpack and one in my travel pack. Even better, the light uses a CR2032 battery which will store up to 10 years.

-Ultracompact, ultra-light (less than 5 cm long and only 27 g) emergency headlamp to always have with you
-Always ready to use, can be stored with batteries (lithium CR 2032) for 10 years
-Bright white lighting (26 lumens up to 29 meters) allows you to move around easily in the dark
-For emergency situations, the red LED allows you to be seen from a distance (300 meters for 30 hours)
-Locking on/off switch designed to prevent accidental operation
-Resists extreme temperatures: -30° C to +60° C
-Waterproof to -1 meter for 30 minutes (IP 67)

It’s for sale all over then place so poke around for the best price.


8 Responses to “Stuff I Like – Petzl e+LITE”

  1. jbgleason says:

    Does that little piece on the headstrap sit right below the occipital and keep the strap in place? Because that is what that looks like and, if so, is pure brilliant and falls into the “WHY didn’t I think of that” category.

    • Eddie H says:

      It’s what lets you pull the head strap out. When it’s retracted, the head strap sits flush against the back of the light.

      The light is that lightweight, it doesn’t need keeping in place

      That said, I generally run all my head torch straps in the occ cavity

      • jbgleason says:

        OK. Now I can see it is a lace. I thought it was a hard plastic piece that would sit against the back of the head and the curve would put the tab at the end in the occ cavity. Gotta run to the back room and make one of those now to see if the concept works to keep the strap of a headlamp from moving around.

  2. Jon, OPT says:

    A classic for over a decade, great item.

  3. AJ says:

    This thing is not limited to your head, I’ve worn it on my wrist, looped through MOLLE on a plate carrier and wrapped around everything from pipes to the forend of a rubber duck MP5. They’re

  4. d says:

    I actually liked the old version with the elastic strap better than the new cord. The old one was more comfortable to wear around your neck.

  5. DAN III says:

    If I keep buying the goods depicted here “for my range bag”, I’m going to have to get a duffel bag to carry all my range stuff.

    Thanks for the always good info.