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Sudanese AR-10s in ‘Spies Like Us’

‘Spies Like Us’ is definitely one of my all-time favorite movies.  Some friends recently pointed out that it featured some Sudanese  Ar-10s. Talk about obscure.


15 Responses to “Sudanese AR-10s in ‘Spies Like Us’”

  1. Gerard says:

    Ha thats great I need to look for that when I watch the movie

  2. Stabzy says:

    We mock what we don’t understand

  3. Disco says:

    The black Instructor was badass

    • IheartPTbelts says:

      no matter how hard I try, I can’t get my salutes to sound like his. Must have been those badass gloves.

  4. Unimog says:

    Did you hear that? Yea it’s a dickfer. What’s a dickfer? To pee with…

    Cinematic masterpiece.

  5. DSM says:

    It’ll suck the paint off of your house and give your family a permanent orange afro.

  6. Tony says:

    Would you hold my wallet while I take the test, please? There’s a thousand dollars in there. Or maybe there isn’t.

  7. patrick sweeney says:

    Don’t forget Vanessa Angel.

  8. Brent says:

    I was going to do your family a favor and hook up the Disney Channel, for free. Well forget it!

  9. and don’t forget BB King

    “Two Pepsi’s to go”