Panteao Introduces Make Ready Daily Essentials Videos

Columbia, SC, September 1, 2016 – Panteao Productions is happy to announce the introduction of a new series of videos called the Make Ready Daily Essentials.

The Daily Essentials are a supplement to the Make Ready instructional video series. Panteao’s Streaming Video Subscribers will now benefit from new training content from the Panteao instructors delivered every day. The subject matter will vary and include topics relevant to what is going on today. Panteao subscribers can also request specific topics to be covered in upcoming Daily Essentials videos by emailing Panteao at [email protected].

The Make Ready Daily Essentials are available on PC or Mac, mobile device via the Panteao Apple and Android Apps, or on your television from the Panteao Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV Channels. All you need is a Panteao Streaming Video Subscription and you will have access to the Daily Essentials along with the entire Panteao video library.


One Response to “Panteao Introduces Make Ready Daily Essentials Videos”

  1. PTMCCAIN says:

    With the 30% off LaborDay coupon deal, I went ahead and signed up for an annual subscription. I spent a good bit of time watching various videos. They are really well done and it is educational and fun watching and learning from various instructors. Pat MacNamara is entertaining, and I find his teaching style very effective.