MATBOCK Monday || Strike Force Energy

MATBOCK is proud to be a part of a little company called Strike Force Energy which we have talked about before. In this week’s segment, they wanted us to highlight the fact that MATBOCK’s sole mission is innovative technologies. When the Strike Force Energy drink opportunity came into play, the MATBOCK team jumped on it.

Strike Force Energy is a liquid energy pouch developed for anyone looking for an alternative to expensive, bulky canned energy drinks. Each pouch retails for $1.00 USD, but has 160mg of caffeine, is Sugar & Calorie FREE and only weighs 8.5 grams. Mix Strike Force Energy with any beverage for an explosion of flavors and a feeling to make you want to #KickTheCan.

If you have never tried it, Strike Force Energy is offering a chance for you to join their monthly subscription and get the 1st box for FREE. “Just like at the playground, the first one is always free”

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9 Responses to “MATBOCK Monday || Strike Force Energy”

  1. Reseremb says:

    Used a few of those in the last NATO Desert Sniper Course, amazing product to have a couple pouches next to the Nalgene bottle.

  2. Lone Element says:

    I sampled some at the Summer outdoor retailer show at the Beyond booth. It tastes good, mixes well, no sugar, and no crash. Thanks Zach!

  3. Luke says:

    Love the product and form factor, but nearly every packet I have leaks, and no matter how well you seal the packets everything in the vicinity smells like strike force now.

    Better seal and they’ll have it nailed!

  4. Airborn_fister says:

    Great orobict. I like to call it the kick in the pants. While at work I forget to drink water. But when I start to feel run down or a little off. The lights are flashing the gate is down but the train ain’t coming. Kinda feeling. The best feeling is pouring a packet into my water bottle and chug it. Granted I have to pee in about an hour after. But I love how on a 10 hr shift. I can look and feel like I just got there and still have the spunk for home life. Hopefully this helps explain the greatest supplement for energy. Oh and the crash only happens if you do to much in a day. Kinda like anything.

  5. kris says:

    Live these things. I keep them in my bag all the time.

  6. Mick says:

    Was going to ask if these guys post to Australia but thought I’d just check it out for myself. Literally 45 seconds later I had ordered 5 boxes, worked out about $5AUD per box for 7-21 day delivery. Very nice, easy to use website.