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Mount Up: Trails Found

This is the first in a special series by our friends at Breach-Bang-Clear on Trails Found and SF Vet Jim Grasky. This is some great stuff.

Around this time in 1965 Jim Grasky was a young Special Forces soldier in Vietnam. About this time in 1970 he was a the squadleader for a team of smoke-jumpers parachuting in to fight remote wildfires. For about a quarter century after that he was a Border Patrolman. In about two weeks he’ll be teaching a small crew of media how to track, ride and maneuver on horseback in the back country of Arizona.

It’s the same thing he’s been teaching to USSOCOM and other organizations for years through his school, Trails Found, which is one reason why we’ll be using this event to promote SOC-F (Special Operations Care Fund). Grasky, who was a combat engineer with 8th SFG half a century ago, is now past 80. Most of his students could be his great grand-children, but few of them can keep pace with him. He is generally considered to be one of the best trackers on the continent, and not surprisingly is as adept a mounted tracker as he is tactically savvy when it comes to mounted operations.

Jim and his students will be working in the Dragoon Mountains and around Cochise’s Stronghold during the event, which was the brainchild of Breach-Bang-Clear. They’ll be providing Soldier Systems Daily with updates, reports and equipment reviews from their time on the ground there.

Watch for #trailsfound16 in your social media feed for additional details.

More to follow.


2 Responses to “Mount Up: Trails Found”

  1. jkifer says:

    2nd pic down..go explorers..haha… but honestly this would be a sweet course to go to. sign cutting and pushing that leads to the hunting of and apprehending of men is a crucial skillset.. and one that is only best obtained by doing it

  2. Jason says:

    I heard about this course a few weeks ago from one of the guys headed out there. Wish I could attend. Looking forward to the coverage of it and hopefully attending one soon.